Trees, Shrubs, and Vines


  • Kingdom: Plantae
    • Phylum: Coniferophyta (conifers or cone-being evergreens)
      • Class: Pinopsida
        • Order: Pinales (pine, fir, spruce, larch, others), Taxales (yews, others)
    • Phylum: Cycadophyta (cycads)
      • Class: Cycadopsida
        • Order: Cycadles
    • Phylum: Ginkophyta (ginkgo tree)
      • Class: Ginkgoopsida
        • Order: Gingoales
    • Phylum: Gnetophyta (ephedra, others)
      • Class: Gnetopsida
        • Order: Ephedrales Gnetales
    • Phylum: Anthophyta (flowering plants)
      • ​Class: Dicotyledoneae (having net-veined leaves and seeds with two halves)
        • Order: Arecales (palm, others), Batales (turtleweed, others), Capparales (caper, others), Casuarinales (beach sheoak, others), Celastrales (bittersweet, holly, wahoo, others), Cornales (dogwood, others), Diapensiales (diapensia, others), Dipsacales (elderberry, honeysuckle, viburnum, others), Ebenales (persimmon, others), Ericales (cranberry, heather, mountain laurel, rhododendron, others), Euphorbiales (croton, jojoba, spurge, others), Fabales (Kentucky Coffeetree, kudzu, locust, redbud, others), Fagales (Alder, beech, birch, chestnut, oak, others), Hamamelidales (sweetgum, sycamore, witch-hazel, others), Illiciales (star anisetree, others), Juglandales (butternut, hickory, peacan, walnut, others), Lamiales (mint, teak, others), Laurales (camphorwood, sassafras, spicebush, sweet bay, others), Lecythidales (brazil nut, others), Leitneriales (corkwood, others), Linales (coca, others), Magnoliales (magnolia, pawpaw, tulip poplar, others), Malvales (baobab, basswood, kapok, linden, rose-mallow, others), Myricaceae (way-myrtle, others), Myrtales (crapemyrtle, eucalyptus, paperbark, pomegranate, others), Piperales (black pepper, others), Polygalales (milkwork, others), Polygonales (seagrape, others), Proteales (macadamia-nut, others), Ranunculales (barberry, others), Rhamnales (buckthorn, grape, Virginia creeper, others), Rhizophorales (red mangrove, others), Rosales (apple, blackberry, cherry, hydrangea, plum, rose, others), Rubiales (wild coffee, others), Salicales (aspen, cottonwood, white poplar, willow, others), Santalales (mistletoe, sandlewood, others), Sapindales (boxelder, buckeye, horse chestnut, maple, poison ivy, sumac, others), Scrophulariales (ash, catalpa, forsythia, jasmine, lilac, privet, others), Solanales (cayene pepper, others), Theales (camellia, ironwood, tea, others), Urticales (elm, fig, hackberry, mulberry, osage-orange, others), Vilales (papaya, others), Zingiberales (banana, others)