Characteristics :

  • Cells contain chlorophyll, allowing them to make food
  • Have true roots, stems, and leaves
  • Stems jointed and often hollow, not woody
  • Leaves narrow with parallel viens; usually alternating, that is, spaced at different points along each side of stems and not opposite each other
  • Seends produced by flower and usually referred to as a grain; flower parts often reduced to scales
There are several classification schemes for the grasses. Below is listed a possible system of classification, taken only to the family level.
  • Kingdom: Plantae
    • ​​Phylum: Asnthophyta
      • Class:Monocotyledoneae
        • Order: Arales
          • ​Family:Acaceae (arum family)
        • Order:Cyperales
          • Family:Cyperaceae (sedge family), Poaceae (grass family)
        • Order:Juncales
          • Family:Juncaceae (rush family)
        • Order: Liliales
          • Family:Liliaceae (lily family)
        • Order:Typhales
          • Family:Sparganiaceae (bur-reed family), Typhaceae (cattail family)