University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Riparian Zone Restoration Workshop

Wednesday, March 20, 9:00 - 11:00 am

at the Kentucky Horse Park campground

Instructors: Carmen Agouridis, Asst. Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering; Amanda Gumbert, Extension Specialist Water Quality; and Chris Barton, Assoc. Professor of Hydrology and Watershed Management.

Riparian buffers offer a number of ecosystems benefits related to water quality, stream bank stabilization, and habitat. They slow and capture runoff which can improve water quality by trapping and filtering pollutants such as sediment, nutrients, and pesticides. We’ll cover the main concepts behind the benefits of riparian buffers, removal of invasive plants, selection of native plants, and maintenance. Following the discussion, attendees will participate in hands-on riparian restoration.

 Free, Pre-registration required for classes; call 859-257-6955 or

*Funding for this FREE workshop is provided by Lexington’s Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works and is offered in collaboration with the UK College of Agriculture.