University of Kentucky College of Agriculture



Community-Based Science (CBS)


Staff and faculty in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment began working on community-based science projects (CBS) in 2004 with an agricultural problem in central Kentucky, Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS). CBS projects are designed to provide opportunities for teachers to learn scientific research methods and for students to act as real scientists. Read more.


Exploring Elk Habitats in Eastern Kentucky 
Evaluating Water Quality and Watersheds
Investigating Cave and Karst Crayfish
Finding Fungus on Asian Multicolor Lady Beetles
Market Basket Surveys
Researching Asian Clams
Investigating Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
Evaluating Pasture at Taylor Made Farm
Looking into Kudzu
Exploring Pond Ecology
Studying Native Herbs in Appalachia
Mapping Jacobsen Park
Considering Land Use in Lexington
Assessing Soils and the Loss of Farmlands
Building and Assessing Wetlands