University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Black Males Working STEM Academy (BMW)


The College of Agriculture, Food and Environments’s Office for Environmental Programs Outreach Services (OEPOS) partner with the Black Males Working STEM Academy (BMW) to implement life science, engineering, mathematics, physical science and natural resource activities in a project-based learning format to help the young men be college and career ready.



Market Basket Survey 

Through this activity the group learned how to comparison shop for groceries. The young men compared a common list of items at a discount grocery, a "natural" food store, and a big name grocery. For many of them, this was the first time they had actually shopped in a grocery store.   Photo Gallery.


Butter Making 

As part of the Market Basket Survey, the young men compared the quality of butter ingredients from different grocery stores. They selected the best ingredients and then made tasty butter.   Photo Gallery.


Robinson Forest

Several of the young men were able to take a three-day trip to UK's Robinson Forest. Water studies, tree identification, mapping and GPS activities, elk viewing and other environmental activities were the order of the day.   Photo Gallery.


Canoe Kentucky

North Elkhorn Creek near Frankfort, Kentucky provided the backdrop for an afternoon of canoeing. The day was warm, the water inviting and a great time was had by all.   Photo Gallery.


Salato Wildlife Center

A fishing trip to the lake at Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort, Kentucky took place after a presentation by a repesentative of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. For many young men, this was a first, and some even caught fish! The group also toured the displays of Kentucky wildlife at the center. At a later date, they participated in a lesson on fish anatomy accompanied by a dissection activity.   Photo Gallery.


Salsa Garden Project

To help show how food gets to the table, the young men planned, constructed and planted raised beds for the vegetables needed to make salsa. They tended the tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro all summer, then made and canned salsa from the harvest, and sold it to friends and family.   Photo Gallery.


BMW on UK Campus

The young men toured UK's campus and visited lab facilities in the colleges of agriculture, arts and sciences and engineering. Hopefully, they will remember this visit when it comes time to apply to college!   Photo Gallery.



National MANRRS Career and Training Conference

Four BMW youth attended the MANNRS conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. The young men learned about the endless opportunities agriculture offers, while they networked with employers, college representatives and other students.   Photo Gallery.


Flight 93 Tree Reforestation

Under the guidance of tree-planting experts and professional landscapers, the group planted trees as part of the first stage of the multi-year reforestation effort. These trees are part of the overall design of the Flight 93 National Memorial. During this trip, the group participated in a valuable public service event, while building team rapport and learning the history and heroism of Flight 93's passengers.   Photo Gallery.


Mammoth Cave Tours

The group visited Mammoth Cave to walk in the footsteps of the first explorers of the cave system. Here, they learned the history and role of slaves during the development of cave tour routes and the visitor experience throughout the 19th and early 20th century.   Photo Gallery.