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News Archive - May, 2013

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05/31 UK Equine Farm and Facilities Expo is June 19 

05/29 Leave them alone! Wildlife babies’ chance of survival better without human intervention

05/29 Farmers Market Returns with Seasonal Flavors 

05/28 Stream Restoration Project Produces ‘Real-World’ Results 

05/23 Bluegrass PRIDE: Competition is heating up in efforts to reduce environmental footprint 

05/21 UofL researchers uncover and publish link between grapefruit and drug delivery 

05/21 Common summer ailment – shigella – needs community-wide help to prevent outbreak 

05/13 Fayette County’s Stables program providing students experience from pasture to pond 

05/10 Annual Kentucky Trail Summit coming in November at Natural Bridge State Park 

05/09 Rosa Parks Elementary students pain an original earth and polar bear-friendly mural

05/08 Kentucky American Water awards $21,400 for Central Kentucky environmental projects 

05/02 Bluegrass PRIDE: It's not always easy, but anyone can be a little 'green' while traveling


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USA U.S. News


05/30 1BOG Takes On Residential Solar with Online Brokering Service 

05/29 Ecology Lesson From the Cold War 

05/29 Three Tribes Go Solar with Help from DOE 

05/27 Mapping the Great Indoors 

05/25 Turbine Plans Unnerve Fans of Condors in California

05/25 Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food 

05/24 Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod Going Solar Thanks to $120M in Financing 

05/24 On the Front Lines of Food Safety 

05/23 US Equipped to Grow Serious Amounts of Pond Scum for Fuel 

05/23 Google Reels in Wind-Kite Firm Makani 

05/22 Outlook for US Energy independence Gaining Confidence 

05/22 Despite Fears, New Renewables Are Not Bankrupting California 

05/22 Creating Awareness: Geothermal for a Sustainable Future in New York City 

05/21 Deadliest Tornadoes in U.S. History: Photos 

05/20 Why Boulder, Colorado Opted for a Clean Energy Takeover

05/20 The Outrageous Cost of a Gene Test

05/19 Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust 

05/18 Is It Time to Bag the Plastic? 

05/17 Senate Committee Passes Geothermal Leasing Measure 

05/17 No Easy Fix for Broken Wind Turbine at US High School 

05/17 Solar Under Assault Again in Louisiana 

05/16 A Tornado’s Mad Dash, and Then Ruins 

05/16 Moniz Unanimously Confirmed As New DOE Chief

05/15 Pandemic Swine Flu Virus Found in Seals

05/15 SolarCity Sues Treasury Over 1603 Payments

05/13 Landlords Double as Energy Brokers 

05/12 Seeking Clues to Heart Disease in DNA of an Unlucky Family

05/10 Buffett’s MidAmerican Plans $1.9 Billion of Wind Farms in Iowa 

05/10 Two Conversations the Wind Energy industry must Own, And Soon 

05/10 Connecticut Seeks to literally Water Down its RPS, Could it Happen in Your Region?

05/10 Anti-Solar Bill in North Carolina Moves Forward Despite Opposition 

05/09 Citrus Disease With No Cure Is Ravaging Florida Groves 

05/08 Who Would Kill a Monk Seal?

05/07 A Dream of Trees Aglow at Night 

05/07 First Solar to Lay Off 150 Employees in North America 

05/06 Lynx Kitten's Future Threatened by Warming World

05/05 Hawaii in Climate Change Bullseye

05/03 America's Real Problem with Solar Energy

05/02 Rare Caterpillar Resembles Donald Trump's Hair

05/02 Study Finds No Single Cause of Honeybee Deaths

05/02 The $40 Billion Hiding in US Buildings

05/02 New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Energy Power the Grid

05/02 Massachusetts Resets Its Solar Energy Bar, Four Years Early

05/01 Cancers Share Gene Patterns, Studies Affirm

05/01 Project Funding Picking Up in Wind Energy


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world World News

05/30 The Future Could Not Be Clearer for Renewable Energy 

05/29 A little Wind Power Goes A Long Way 

05/29 EU, China Try to Talk Solar 

05/27 New Zealand: Geothermal Expertise Tapped for Chile 

05/27 First-class Biofuel from the Depths of the Forest 

05/26 Geoengineering: Our Last Hope, or a False Promise? 

05/24 Rising Energy Dependency Endangers Europe’s Economy

05/24 Blue-Balled Monkeys Among Top 10 New Species 

05/23 UK Urged to Boost Clean Energy Over Natural Gas 

05/23 Spring’s Cool Contradiction 

05/22 Dog Owners’ Homes Swarming With Bacteria 

05/21 Renewable Energy Research Initiative Launched in UK 

05/21 Marine Life Unhindered by Offshore Wind Farm, Study Says 

05/20 How Penguins Lost Their Ability to Fly 

05/20 Goldman Sachs to Invest $486 Million in Japan Renewable Energy 

05/17 EU Should Scrap Energy Subsidies to Fight Warming, Poland Says 

05/17 A Black Mound of Canadian oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit 

05/17 Fracking and Solar: Friends, Foes or the Bridge to Clean Energy Adaption? 

05/17 Breakdown: Penetration of Renewable Energy in Selected Markets 

05/16 U.K. Delays Smart Meter Rollout by a Year on ‘Challenge’ 

05/15 ‘Dead’ Man Walks Again… But Why? 

05/15 The Economic Case for Divesting from Fossil Fuels 

05/14 Caterpillar to Butterfly in 3D: Photos 

05/14 Finland’s New Energy Solutions 

05/10 Europe Sinks Its Flagship Carbon Trading Scheme 

05/10 Deep-Sea Methane Ecosystem Found in Atlantic 

05/09 Mars is Toxic 

05/09 UPDATE: EU-China Solar Trade War Entering Endgame?

05/09 Beyond the PTC – Wind Energy’s Future 

05/09 Animals Rescuing Animals: Photos 

05/08 The Possible Consequences of Expanding Biofuel: Cleaner Energy, Warmer Climate?

05/08 When Will Solar Batteries Become Economical? 

05/08 Russian Renewable Energy Law Could Significantly Boost Clean energy But Obstacles Remain

05/07 Brazil’s 11.2-GW Belo Monte Hydropower Project on Hold Again 

05/06 Nigeria: Renewable Energy opportunities Blossoming 

05/06 ‘Monster’ Carcass Washes Ashore in New Zealand 

05/06 Report Anticipates 220 New Gigawatts of Distributed Solar Generation by 2018

05/01 Latin America Report: Think Big About Clean Energy and Climate Change


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