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kentuckyKentucky News

05/31 Ballard Street mural furthers beautification efforts in western suburb neighborhood

05/31 Vote for Kentucky State Parks in 'America is Your Park' contest by July 15 deadline

05/31 Chef John Foster: As both global citizen and chef, I'll work with what's in front of me first

05/30 'Immersion' sculpture turns waterway trash into treasure at Bryan Station High School

05/29 NKU featured with WKU, UofL in Princeton Review's 'Guide to 322 Green Colleges'

05/24 Agricultural development funds awarded for investment program, school greenhouse

05/24 Amy Sohner: Left her 'water wasting past behind,' encouraging community to join her

05/23 Alltech's World' Market mirrors food-topia, where all food is safe, healthy, chemical-free

05/22 Lexington Farmers Market to open location at Commonwealth Stadium on Wednesdays

05/22 Alltech International Symposium draws 3000 from 72 countries to Ky. to 'envision' future

05/22 Seadleaf Farms' first produce sale of 2012 set, offering urban farm tours, cookbook sale

05/22 Water treatment plants recognized by Energy and Environment Cabinet for water quality

05/22 UK Equine Farm and Facilities Expo to be held May 31 at Margaux Farm in Midway

05/22 Pedal the Planet bike shop donates three 'fix-it' stations to be placed along Legacy Trail

05/21 Greetings from China

05/21 Ticks emerging earlier than normal this year, could cause problems, extension agents warn

05/21 Local schools earn recognition, $12,500 in awards for sustainability, conservation efforts

05/18 DOE highlights UK Design's plan for Paducah gasseous diffusion plant

05/17 Houseboat to energy efficient residences

05/17 Stay-at-home mom reduces environmental footprint, spending with 'zero-waste' lifestyle

05/17 Bluegrass PRIDE, LFUCG honor schools, community organizations for green initiatives

05/15 Toyota hosts recycling event, nearly 300 tons of waste diverted from landfills since 1994

05/15 National Trails Day set for June 2

05/15 'Classic' stockdog trial marks 51st year, draws top handlers to Masterson Station Park

05/10 Spring time offers many opportunities for outdoor activities across the Commonwealth

05/10 Beautification Day scheduled for May 19 at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

05/09 Amy Sohner: May is bike month, and the weather's perfect for riding to the office

05/09 Keven Moore on insurance: Who could have predicted the need for bedbug coverage?

05/09 Dry weather causing early season concerns, half of state considered dry, in drought

05/09 Living Arts and Science Center, Kentucky Reptile Zoo wil host a live reptile night

05/07 UK students earn recognition for their work on Homegrown Kentucky, helping poorest

05/04 UK's Carrie Butts on her way to bright future in Ag

05/02 Tom Block: Taking personal interest in legacy of Bernheim Forest and special twig sculpture

05/02 Festival 'spins' popularity of natural fiber into fun, educational experience for all ages

05/01 Two geography professors awarded Fulbrights; Ag professor awarded Fulbright Specialist

05/01 Art museum at UK demonstrates 'It's easy beading green'


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USA U.S. News

05/29 More cool products from the AIA convention

05/24 NOAA expects 4 to 8 Atlantic hurricanes in 2012

05/24 Obama touts energy plan in Iowa

05/24 Exit Jackzo: The Nuclear Regualtory Commission in free fall

05/24 Ohio drilling regulations set for House vote

05/24 Gulf oil spill: Fishermen reel from seafood troubles

05/23 Dam's flow limit loosened to feed Grand Canyon

05/23 New and frozen frontier awaits offshore drilling

05/23 DC water can't rely solely on ratepayers to fund tunnels, study says

05/21 Relics with much to tell about bird diets may be lost to time

05/20 Maryland set to ban arsenic-containing drug in chicken feed

05/20 What remains of Treece

05/18 Bristol Bay mining would harm Alaska salmon habitat, EPA analysis says

05/18 A boat, a river, and a youngster's first bass

05/17 Mission critical: A clean energy call to arms

05/17 Some U.S. fisheries rebounding

05/16 The grand old party and the sea

05/16 House Armed Services Committee proposes ban on biofuels

05/16 United States Enrichment Corp., bailed out once, seeks more federal money for new project

05/15 Senate Democrats: Exclude Chinese solar panels from ITC

05/15 Top ten most troubled U.S. rivers

05/15 Potomac River threatened by pollution, Congress, new report says

05/15 Arctic drilling opponents swarm the White House

05/15 Supermoms against Superbugs targets antibiotic use on farms as factor in drug-resistant infections

05/15 Voices against tar sands; People on the front lines speak out

05/15 Josh Fox, 'Gasland' filmmaker and activist, working on documentary sequel

05/15 It's about greening all jobs, not green jobs

05/15 William Paterson Wins! Sustainability initiative boosts school pride

05/14 Hawaii's beaches are in retreat, and its way of life may follow

05/14 Google-backed wind power line clears hurdle

05/14 Children at risk as 'button' battery use grows: Study

05/14 Offshore wind: making an American Industry, Part 2

05/12 Gas drillers wrangle over NY limitations, bans

05/11 Offshore wind: making an American Industry, Part 1

05/11 From deserts to rooftops: Solar's California battleground

05/11 Study compares energy sources from 'cradle to grave'

05/11 Eastern rattlesnake slithers closer to U.S. endangered list

05/10 Saving on solar way cooler than saving dolphin babies

05/09 Enel flips solar switch at cogeneration plant, starts geothermal work in Utah

05/09 Low temperature geothermal: Digging for its vast opportunity

05/08 Getting off fossil fuels

05/07 Massachusetts sets strict regulations for biomass: Will this influence future restrictions?

05/06 Thunderstorms and ozone examined in National Center for Atmospheric Research study

05/06 Endangered species truce faces big test from little sand dunes lizard

05/06 Previously unreleased photographs show impact of BP oil on endangered sea turtles

05/05 Aspen ski area rallies to hightlight climate change by hosting a ski race without snow

05/05 U.S. claims 'unprecedented' success in test for new fuel source

05/04 Oil prices suffer largest one-day decline in nearly six months

05/04 U.S. proposes new rules for fracking on federal lands

05/04 Climate skeptics retract billboard comparing scientists to 'madmen'

05/02 Global ocean drifter deployed off Santa Cruz Island in California

05/02 NOAA issues science-based measures to protect marine mammals during Shell's proposed oil and gas exploratory programs in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas

05/02 NOAA and partner scientists discover way to detect low-level exposure to seafood toxin in marine animals

05/01 Exotic animal law review ignited by Ohio exotic animal stampede

05/01 E.P.A. official in Texas quits over 'crucify' video


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world World News

05/30 New concerns about pesticides in exterior paints

05/24 Analysis - U.N. Doha climate talks risk sinking 'like Titanic'

05/24 Rabies-infected bats kill 7 children in Peru

05/24 U.N. risks investor stand-off on REDD by delaying work: green groups

05/24 Global CO2 emissions hit record in 2011 led by China: IEA

05/24 Elephant tusks seized in Sri Lanka came from Kenya

05/24 Butterfly species expands range with climate shange

05/22 Rights group aims to stop killing of Canada GMO pigs

05/22 Should we turn off the lights?

05/21 An entrepreneur bankrolls a genetically engineered salmon

05/18 Refugee farmers find solace in a floodplain

05/17 Small island nations banding together for hydroelectric, renewable power development

05/17 Firms to invest in food production for world's poor

05/16 Solar FIT fallout: Germany's Environment Minister forced out

05/15 Green social entrepreneurship: A long view

05/15 EU ETS emissions down in 2011, permit glut grows

05/15 World living beyond its resources, summit off-track: WWF

05/15 Airlines 'are conforming' with EU rules on emissions

05/15 Total starts injecting mud to kill North Sea gas leak

05/15 Arctic seabirds adapt to climate change

05/15 Animal disease research misses the human perspective, say researchers

05/15 Hen harriers 'being wiped out' by persecution

05/14 Canadian Solar jumps into Japan panel market

05/14 Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson faces extradition

05/14 Solar woes continue with Sovello's bankruptcy filing

05/14 Mexican wind energy boom plays out on gusty shores

05/14 Allergies are less common in people from environments rich in biodiversity

05/13 Europe struggles for climate lead

05/13 Goldman Sachs-backed firm to invest $1.1 billion in Indian wind energy sector

05/10 Green energy's future murky as summer looms

05/10 Living Future 2012 was a riot

05/07 Asia to overtake Europe as global solar power grows - EPIA

05/07 Norway opens major facility to test carbon capture

05/07 Czechs eye moratorium on shale gas exploration

05/06 Tiger pictures: Photos of ferocious cats and cuddly cubs

05/05 Peru examines deaths of more than 500 pelicans

05/05 Tomari shutdown leaves Japan without nuclear power

05/04 'Made in space' coming soon to a product near you

05/04 RSPB says heavy rain has been disastrous for birds

05/03 'Chicken' frogs survive in new home

05/03 Column - New atlas shows North America CO2 storage potential: Kemp

05/02 Bio-based PVC? Take vinyl industry claims with a grain of salt

05/02 Uncertainty still clouds future of EU biodiesel

05/02 Plant study flags dangers of warming world

05/02 Exclusive: Shale causes rise in waste gas pollution

05/01 Mexico legislation underlines transformation in global warming debate

05/01 GM wheat scientists at Rothamsted make plea to protesters

05/01 Analysis: Permit glut points to new EU carbon policy tool


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