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kentuckyKentucky News

03/27 Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing established by UK Board

03/27 UK students to present research at NCUR

03/26 Interior design symposium to explore future of designed environments

03/22 University of Kentucky Arboretum gears up to host 'Party for the Planet' through April 28

03/22 University of Kentucky College of Agriculture: Early summer may come at a price for farmers

03/20 Bluegrass PRIDE, Ben Chandler announce grant funding for environmental projects

03/19 Bicycle advisory committee encourages spring tune up of biking skills

03/15 UK cooperative extension bands together to help farmers after tornadoes

03/15 Students, school and teachers recognized during Kentucky Agriculture Day luncheon

03/14 Three public schools named Kentucky Green Ribbon Schools by department of education

03/13 Scientific American article features UK bed bug research

03/13 Go Green Save Green workshop will help businesses, apartments save, conserve

03/13 Marshall County farmers find way to reuse chicken litter, make a little extra money

03/13 Wellington Elementary School students pass along sustainability lessons on Energy Night

03/12 2012 Earth Day Kentucky: Celebrating Kentucky's forests

03/09 University of Kentucky economists to discuss what to expect from the Farm Bill, ACRE

03/09 Save the date: 'Trash bash' April 18 will help keep downtown clean, green

03/08 Laurel sheriff's department investigates allegation of raw-sewage dumping

03/08 Morgan County extension continues to serve despite loss of building

03/07 For NKU students, service learning classes bring lessons to life, connect to real world

03/07 The results are in: Experiments are fun at Asbury's annual Kids College event

03/06 UK, Alltech announce master alliance for science, economic development

03/06 YMCA receives state grant to offer series of bike education classes

03/01 Eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch to be complete by early March in Central Kentucky

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USA U.S. News

03/31 Uranium mines dot Navajo land, neglected and still perilous

03/30 FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging

03/30 Great Lakes Offshore Wind Farms agreement reached between 5 states and federal government

03/30 General Motors decides climate change is real, pulls support from Heartland Institute

03/29 Muddying of beloved creek is last straw for neighbors of a city reservoir

03/29 Eaton gets $2 million from U.S. for fuel cell work

03/29 Keystone Pipeline: Nebraska bill gets first round approval

03/26 Rising lead recycling costs may prompt cutbacks

03/26 NY Mohawk: Move toxic GM dump from tribal lands

03/26 North Dakota litter problem rises with oil boom

03/25 Captivity could help polar bears survive global warming assault, some zoos say

03/24 Both coasts watch closely as San Francisco faces erosion

03/23 Ball State installs largest (and most educational) ground-source system in U.S.

03/23 Companies pick up used packaging, and recycling's cost

03/23 Court orders FDA to examine antibiotics use on animals

03/23 U.S. intelligence sees global water conflict risks rising

03/23 Mankind kept 2011 global temperatures near record-WMO

03/23 Facing heat over gas price rise, Obama vows to speed pipeline's southern leg

03/22 Three things you need to know about forests and climate change

03/22 Judge clears killing of salmon-gulping sea lions

03/21 Electric car revolution faces increasing headwinds

03/18 Desert tortoise an obstacle to Mojave solar development

03/18 As climate changes, Louisiana seeks to lift a highway

03/16 Stink bugs migrating to the deep south

03/16 What's the wind-cast?

03/15 Young Americans less interested in the environment than previous generations

03/15 Whisper of the wild

03/15 Congressional inaction may halt $100M Arkansas wind manufacturing plant: 'No PTC, no wind turbine plant'

03/15 Natural born drillers

03/15 A greener approach to runoff

03/15 A fork in the road on California's Route 33

03/14 Solar industry more than doubles capacity

03/14 Clean energy and the challenge of low-cost natural gas

03/14 President Obama launches EV-Everywhere challenge

03/14 Solar industry's exponential growth in 2011 indicates healthy US PV market

03/13 Minnesota electricity could be 100% renewable, 100% local

03/09 Scientists warn EPA on Monsanto corn rootworm

03/09 Illinois, last eligible state, joins national coastal management program

03/09 Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO, says more fracking rules hinder development

03/09 Ohio earthquakes: Officials say tremors were 'almost certainly' caused by wastewater injection

03/09 Keystone XL contract reveals more evidence of conflict of interest

03/08 Keystone oil pipeline bill fails in Senate

03/08 Environmental groups sue to stop California building project

03/08 Proposed wildlife policy change draws fire

03/06 Remembering a significant otter: She helped save her species

03/02 Insurers brace for stormy weather as the world warms

03/02 Academic freedom wins in Cuccinelli climate case

03/02 US researchers build 'waste water generator'

03/02 Coal plants shut down: Hard work pays off, but more work ahead

03/02 BP oil spill: Louisiana ruin remains

03/01 FSC and beyond: LEED 2012 buries the 'wood wars' hatchet

03/01 Obama seeks to end subsidies for oil and gas companies

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world World News

03/31 In Haiti, global failures on a cholera epidemic

03/30 EU fails to resolve dispute over UN climate fund seats

03/30 Wild Well Control joins North Sea gas leak repair efforts

03/30 Signs of trouble at leaking Total gas rig month before

03/30 Japan to lift entry ban on some Fukushima cities

03/30 Lights on or off? Earth Hour challenged by Human Achievement Hour

03/30 Extreme weather threatens rich ecosystems

03/29 British greenhouse gas emissions down 7 percent in 2011

03/29 Studies show how pesticides make bees lose their way

03/29 China to flood nature reserve with latest Yangtze dam

03/29 French farmers, seedmakers appeal government GMO ban

03/26 Japan's Tepco shuts its last reactor, power risks loom

03/26 EU push for ocean energy set to fall short

03/26 An even warmer future ahead

03/25 Link builds between weather extremes and warming

03/24 Tsunami 'ghost ship' haunts Canada coast

03/24 Home-field advantage helps penguins in warming Antarctic

03/24 Debris prompts space station crew to seek shelter

03/24 Vast tracts in Paraguay forest being replaced by ranches

03/23 LIFE PRIME influences change in Italian environmental law

03/22 Chevron, Transocean charged in Brazilian oil spill

03/19 Update for world temperature data

03/18 Just 2% believe coalition is 'greenest government' survey suggests

03/18 Solar industry faces subsidy cuts in Europe

03/15 The state of the 2012 advanced biofuels industry

03/15 Global flower trade threatens rare palm

03/15 Latin America report: Brazil planning push for solar energy?

03/14 Asia continues to dominate solar module output

03/09 As sea levels rise, Kiribati eyes 6,000 acres in Fiji as new home for 103,000 islanders

03/09 Solar storm has minor impact on Earth

03/09 Sea Shephard declares victory: Activists' 'sabotage' blamed for Japan whaling season falling short

03/09 Environmentally friendly cleaning and washing

03/09 Danes fail to win majority for GM crop ban rules

03/08 Oxfam warns of West Africa drought 'catastrophe'

03/08 Green car fan Arnie urges stronger push for low emissions

03/08 World seabird numbers still falling, says a new review

03/07 Radiation fears split Fukushima community

03/06 Global march of banana fungus revealed

03/06 Landslide raises questions about $15.7 billion Exxon plan

03/02 Nicaragua bids to stem deforestation with eco-soldiers

03/02 Loss of Arctic sea ice may lead to mercury deposits: NASA study

03/01 Calls mount to cancel resort near Mexican reef

03/01 Schmallenberg virus: Climate 'raising UK disease risk'

03/01 Oceans' acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years


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