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News Archive - June, 2013

kentuckyKentucky News


06/20 Growing tobacco is not easy, but it is still a tradition for many Kentucky farmers 

06/12 Research team from University of Louisville shows common red grapes may help colon 

06/12 Farm bill and industrial hemp did not mix well in the Senate, now it’s the House’s turn 

06/04 Kentucky Beef Council gets creative with cuts of meat to help consumers with rising prices



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USA U.S. News


06/28 Central Texas Dreams Big for Solar Energy Center 

06/27 Solar Power Heads in a New Direction: Thinner 

06/27 Cost of Battling Wildfires Cuts into Prevention Efforts 

06/27 Native Alaska, Under Threat 

06/26 Obesity-Cancer Link Detailed

06/26 Horse Genome is Oldest Ever Sequenced

06/25 In Face of Climate Change, Major Wildlife Group Calls for Renewable Energy

06/25 Inside Obama’s Climate Change Plan

06/25 The Lead in a Song Bird

06/24 The One Thing Obama’s Climate Policy Can’t Leave Out

06/21 North American Birds Declining as Threats Mount

06/21 A Solution for San Diego Cove’s Constant Odor: Bacteria

06/21 Student Teams Rev Up for Solar Grand Prix

06/21 The Art of Science

06/20 What Would a Solar Asset-Backed Security Look Like?

06/20 Conserving Top Predators Results in Less CO2 in the Air 

06/20 The Human Brain in Exquisite Detail 

06/20 What Does Cleantech Mean, Anyway? 

06/20 Moth Mating Calls Linked to Bats

06/19 Pesticides Decimate Biodiversity 

06/19 Top GSK Scientist Fired Over Paper 

06/18 Shoring up Solar in Massachusetts 

06/18 Gene Patents Decision: Everybody Wins 

06/17 AT&T to Introduce Solar-Powered Charging Stations 

06/17 Big Apple Anticipates Solar Explosion for 2013 

06/17 Improving Returns with Hydraulic Tracking 

06/17 Clinton Global Initiative, Ikea and Global Green USA team to bring backup solar power to NY and NJ

06/17 Energy saving measures boost house prices, new research reveals 

06/17 Phoenix Finds Its Way to Water 

06/16 Bloomberg plan Aims to Require Food Composting 

06/14 The E.P.A. Backs Off on Factory Farms

06/14 E.P.A. Backs Out of Role in Palisades LG Headquarters 

06/13 After Patent Ruling, Availability of Gene Tests Could Broaden 

06/13 Solar Tracking Systems Gain Ground 

06/13 Odd Martian Thermal Rhythm 

06/11 In Fields and Hives, Zooming In on What Ails Bees 

06/11 Atomic Power’s Green Light or Red Flag 

06/11 How to Talk Renewables so Farmers and Landowners Listen 

06/11 Residential Demand Spurs US Solar Installations in 1Q13 

06/11 Keven Moore on Insurance: Farming is still one of most dangerous occupations in U.S. 

06/10 New Climate Data Depict a City More at Risk 

06/10 Water Levels Fall in Great Lakes, Taking a Toll on Shipping 

06/10 A Second Act for Biosphere 2 

06/10 Should Rooftop Solar Leasing Companies be Treated as Utilities? 

06/09 Supporting Oil and Gas, but Resisting Encroachment 

06/09 After Drought, Rains Plaguing Midwest Farms 

06/07 New Mexico Approves Rock-Bottom PPA for State’s Biggest Solar Plant

06/05 Why I Wanted to Be CEO of the American Wind Energy Association 

06/04 Carl Safina Lead Scientists for Gyre Expedition, Southwest Alaska: Scientists, Artists and Educators Explore Marine Debris Crisis, Museum Exhibition to Follow 

06/04 U.S. to Hold First Offshore Wind Farm Lease Auction 

06/04 US Renewable Energy Action is Brewing in Cities and States 

06/02 Here, Cicadas Get a Warm Welcome 

06/02 A Fight Over Water, and to Save a Way of Life 

06/01 Deadly Storms in Oklahoma Bring Flooding and More Tornadoes 

06/01 Fracking Tests Ties Between California ‘Oil and Ag’ Interests 


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world World News

06/27 UK Reveals Renewable Energy Strike Prices 

06/27 New Species on the Block

06/25 Over 30 tons of explosives to be detonated in Manu National Park buffer zone 

06/24 Cool Earth Solar Testing Tubular Plastic Concentrating PV System

06/24 New Viruses Attack Asian and Africa Show 

06/21 Sugar High: Total, Amryis, Airbus Complete Sugar-based Biofuel Flight at Paris Air Show

06/20 Increased Monsoon Rainfall Expected with Global Warming

06/20 Indonesia Allocates $302 Million to Back Geothermal Exploration

06/18 Women in Power – It’s a Natural Fit

06/18 Renewable Energy in Myanmar: Not Just Clean, It’s Necessary

06/18 The Jet Stream and Greenland

06/17 Arabian Sea at High Risk of Quakes and Tsunamis

06/17 Asia’s Biggest CSP Plant Sells Power at Half Price in India

06/14 How can agriculture best adapt to changing climate?

06/13 11,000 barrels of oil spill into the Coco River in the Amazon 

06/12 Country-Based Action to Achieve universal Access to Energy 

06/11 Renewable Power Bridging the Digital Divide in Off-grid Africa 

06/11 Are Airlines doing enough to cut emissions? 

06/10 Tibetan monks partner with conservationists to protect the snow leopard 

06/10 What to Make of a Warming Plateau 

06/10 Two Steps Forward, One Back: Ontario Cancels Feed in Tariffs for Large Projects 

06/09 Uncharted Terrritory: Scientists Discover new and Incredible Species 

06/07 Staglamites and Climate 

06/06 Conergy Installing Solar at Cost of Conventional Electricity in Spain 

06/06 Elephant Seals: The New Data Collectors for Polar Oceans 

06/06 A New Spin On “Intelligent” Wind Energy 

06/06 Asia Report: Japan’s Solar Market Shifts Into Overdrive 

06/05 Difference within Common Species May Predict the Presence of Rare Animals 

06/05 The Big Question: How Should Europe Structure Its Energy Policy? 

06/05 Canadian Solar Receives Loan From China 

06/04 Habitat for Humanity Starts First Solar Project for Japan Tsunami Recovery 

06/04 Can Italy Keep Its Renewables Investors? 

06/04 Warming Ocean Puts Puffins in Peril 

06/03 Deep Earth Plans Geothermal Plant Amid Canadian Oil Wells 

06/03 Steady but Modest Progress Found on Renewables Adoption 

06/03 Developing South American Solar: Playing the Long Game 


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