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News Archive - July, 2013

kentuckyKentucky News


07/30 Even in this rough growing year, Kentucky tobacco producers should still get good prices 

07/24 Guzman Receives NSF Career Award for Environmental Chemistry 

07/17 Kentucky Utilities, Louisville Gas and Electric offer tips to stay cool and better use energy 

07/17 Louisville’s Seed Capital Kentucky collecting votes for farmers who are local food heroes 


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USA U.S. News


07/30 Rank ‘Em: The Most Solar-Friendly States in the US 

07/30 New Ant Species Discovered, Named for Mayan Lords and Demons 

07/29 With Too Much Rain in the South, Too Little Produce on the Shelves 

07/29 Out with the Old: A Coal Plant Protest in My Hometown 

07/26 The impact of global warming on snow pack 

07/25 CSP Key Players Focus on the Desert 

07/24 From Cities to Soap, Recognizing the US EPA’s Newest Top Green Power Users 

07/22 First Wind Proposing New England’s Largest Wind Farm 

07/22 Alaska Looks for Answers in Glacier’s Summer Flood Surges 

07/18 HPV Vaccine Found to Help With Cancers of Throat 

07/18 Are Geothermal Heat Pumps Ready for the Mainstream? 

07/18 Love Longhorn Cattle? How about a longhorn dinosaur? 

07/17 JPMorgan in Talks to Settle Energy Manipulation Case for $500 Million 

07/17 Solar Helps New York Tackle High Electricity Costs, Utility to Solicit 100 MW 

07/17 Welcome the birth of two Giant Pandas at the Atlanta Zoo 

07/16 US Ranchers Roundup the Power of the Sun 

07/16 Is Fracking for Enhanced Geothermal Systems the Same as Fracking for Natural Gas? 

07/16 What is causing the drop in Monarch Butterfly population? 

07/15 DOE Launches Geothermal Regulatory Roadmap 

07/15 Study finds Loggerhead turtles depend on broader range of habitat than previously thought 

07/15 600 Homes on US Holloman Air Force Base Going Solar with SolarStrong 

07/15 Is Solar Cheaper than Grid Electricity? Yes and No 

07/15 Drought seriously impacting rangeland, cattle 

07/14 The Penobscot River will flow to the sea once more! 

07/12 A Historic Day for Solar Energy in Georgia 

07/11 Can Climate Bonds Advance Renewable Energy Finance? 

07/10 Are Beer and Cigarettes the New Bioenergy? 

07/09 Chesapeake Bay “Dead Zones” Reduce Diversity and Abundance of Near-bottom Species 

07/05 U.S. Floating Offshore Wind pilot Project Put On Hold 

07/04 Crews in Arizona Make Progress in Subduing Deadly Fire 

07/04 A Disease Without a Cure Spreads Quietly in the West

07/03 Poachers are Elusive Catch in City Waters 

07/03 The connection of air pollution to lung cancer 

07/02 Climate Change May Hinder Regeneration of Conifers after Forest Fires

07/02 Solar Offers Hope in Fight Against Climate Change

07/01 Crowd Control 

07/01 Tennessee Public Schools to Generate Nearly $1 Million with Solar 

07/01 California’s Invisible Solar Problem 

07/01 Experts See new Normal as a Hotter, Drier West Faces More Huge Fires 

07/01 Lost in Arizona Fire, an Elite Crew That Rushed In 


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world World News

07/30 China’s aggressive Electric Vehicle program not meeting goals 

07/29 Half of key wild crops missing from gene banks 

07/29 Developing World Will Significantly Contribute to Global Energy Use 

07/25 Sao Paulo Sets 70 Percent Renewables Target 

07/24 UK’s First institutionally-backed Solar Fund Begins Trading 

07/24 Climate Change Slowdown Is Due to Warming of Deep Oceans, Say Scientists 

07/24 Snow leopard under threat from cashmere trade 

07/23 India’s Renewable Energy Potential Remains Untapped 

07/23 Wind Gets Underway in Georgia 

07/23 Long-term health of Congo forests threatened by human activity 

07/22 The Renewable Energy Pain in Spain 

07/19 Rural Power from Pico and Hybrid PV Explored 

07/18 Scientist build app to automatically identify species based on their calls 

07/17 Madagascar’s rate of speciation slowing down 

07/16 Sea level rise may be underestimated by models 

07/15 Investors Pair Up for Chilean Wind-Solar Projects 

07/14 Microbial Diversity 

07/12 Doing Good by Doing Solar 

07/11 Forest may be using less water as CO2 rises 

07/11 How can glaciers calving make so much noise? 

07/11 Smooth Dogfish need protection too! 

07/10 The Sea could provide much of Scotland’s power! 

07/09 Wind Energy in Brazil: The Country of the Future? 

07/09 Global Warming Down Under 

07/08 Conifers threatened globally 

07/05 Kenya Receiving Assistance from Japan on Renewable Energy Development 

07/05 European Air Pollution still and Issue 

07/04 Sunny South Africa Attracting Solar Inverter Manufacturers 

07/04 US Initiative to Combat Elephant and Rhino Poaching in Africa 

07/03 Europe Votes to Rescue Emissions Trading Scheme 

07/03 Small Firm in Florida Helps Bring Renewable Energy to Africa and the Caribbean 

07/02 A Slimy Marine Organism Fit for Biofuel

07/02 IUCN Red List reports decline in world’s oldest and largest species 


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