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kentuckyKentucky News

07/31 Kentucky Dam Village State Park 50th anniversary event set for Oct. 12-13

07/31 Kids' caterpillar weekend at Natural Bridge State Resort Park scheduled for Aug. 24-25

07/30 Smart Suzy: State park giveaway, going green at Olympics

07/30 Kentucky Equine Survey in final fundraising push, deadline to secure state funds Sept. 1

07/27 GIS workshop strengthens community ties

07/26 Pet Smarts: 'Think global, act local' begins at home - and at your veterinarian's office

07/26 Ally Ringer: Living downtown is practical, fun, reduces carbon footprint and expenses

07/26 Fireworks ordinance includes distance, age restrictions, disposal regulations

07/23 UK Cooperative Extension Service looking to build on legacy of 100 years of county agents

07/23 Deadline for school supply donation drive for tornado victims is extended

07/23 More than $2.6 million in agricultural development funds awarded for 26 projects

07/19 $mart Suzy: Recycling and going green always

07/19 Asbury authors: 'It's Easy Being Green' written from Emma Sleeth's own experience

07/19 Thoroughbred owners pledge to run 2012 two-year-olds without race-day medication

07/19 Drought forces farmers in Western Ky. to rethink plans for stressed corn crops

07/19 UK students bring renewable energy technology to Africa

07/19 UK Ag's Headrick appointed to National Board

07/18 Blair Hecker: Addiction aside, Pinterest is full of green tips, other great benefits

07/18 $mart Suzy: Rethinking our own 'economy', go green every day

07/17 Northern Ky. community gardens offer food, service, health, wellness - lessons in patience

07/17 Experience pioneer life during week-long event at Carter Caves State Resort Park

07/17 Rosa Parks wins award for energy savings

07/16 Isolated Kentucky fish populations suffering after recent record heat, extreme drought

07/16 Scott County home to state's newest wildlife recreation area for public use

07/13 Recycling center officials open facility to public for an inside look at process

07/13 Monty's Musings: There's plenty to see, do on an RV adventure through southcentral Ky.

07/12 Practicing water conservation important year-round, not just in times of drought

07/12 UK among universities fighting world hunger

07/12 Comer urges livestock, grain producers to take precautions to protect against losses

07/12 New Kentucky Drought Resources web page launched

07/11 Dairy Exchange offers hands-on learning

07/11 Amy Sohner: Trying to do the green thing as daughter gets ready for kindergarten

07/10 Hot, dry weather exacerbating black shank

07/06 Water shortage watch declared in 27 counties, including Fayette, others in Central Kentucky

07/06 54th Farm-City Field Day going green

07/06 Drought creates different insect problems

07/05 Hot, dry weather's impact on horses

07/05 Amy Sohner: 'Dream house' anything but when it comes to being energy efficient

07/05 Fuel lab task force named to address issues raised in Department of Agriculture audit

07/05 State agency encourages local officials to plan for continued dry, hot weather

07/03 Heat wave requires revising management strategy for horses

07/03 Steve Flairty's Everyday Heroes: Couple sows garden of caring with 'The Giving Fields'

07/03 Campbellsville University initiatives consider environmental impact, save energy, resources

07/03 Nine Fayette County elementary schools to receive additional fresh fruits, vegetables

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USA U.S. News

07/31 Building performance laid bare: Energy reporting laws taking effect

07/27 NOAA scientists: Midwest drought brings forth smallest Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' since 1985

07/26 Oil group files second lawsuit over EPA biofuel standards

07/25 Saving wood from the landfill, without the supply issues

07/25 Severe drought seen as driving cost of food up

07/25 Weather extremes leave parts of U.S. grid buckling

07/24 First U.S. tidal power project set to launch in Maine

07/23 Travel companies save energy through sunshine, ocean breezes

07/23 With warming, peril underlies road to Alaska

07/23 NOAA sanctuary exploration center opens in Santa Cruz

07/23 Environmentalists target 5 Republicans who question humans' impact on climate

07/23 Offshore wind farms will be encouraged in tracts along the East Coast

07/23 NASA's Landsat turns 40

07/23 Meatless Monday: Cheap eats for tough times

07/23 Climate change and the American political agenda

07/23 Lisa Jackson on 'Colbert Report' explains 'Of course we want jobs' (Video)

07/23 Contaminated ground beef sickens 10 in Vermont

07/23 Are mutant mosquitoes the answer in Key West?

07/23 Analysis: Drought to cause food price spike but not inflation

07/23 Keystone pipeline backer again seeks U.S. Congress approval

07/23 Midday updates indicate some relief for U.S. crops

07/23 For young farmers: No land, but plenty of climate change to go around

07/23 Natural Gas: A bridge to a low-carbon future or not?

07/22 Fairfield Creek fire sparked by lightning in Nebraska

07/22 Cruise ship lines, Alaska officials question new air pollution limits

07/22 In California's Imperial County, asthma takes severe toll on children

07/22 Can urban farming go corporate?

07/21 Causes of Midwest drought: La Nina and global warming thought to contribute to dry weather

07/20 The Rural Blog: Agriculture secretary warns drought will worsen and raise food prices

07/20 The Congress that's hazardous to your health: Two more nasty little bills from House Republicans

07/16 Chemistry lessons: Living with Rachel Carson's legacy

07/12 Drought: Oklahoma, Arkansas fear repeat of 2011 with brutally high temperatures

07/12 Eco Etiquette: Can our cities save us?

07/12 Asian carp invasion: Research murky on danger of invasive species

07/12 Larry Chen finds 50,000 bees inside walls of his California home

07/11 Northwest coal train traffic could spike, foes warn

07/11 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the most affordable all-electric car

07/11 In Kansas, stronger mix of ethanol

07/11 West Nile virus vs. pesticides: Sick neighbors face off over mosquito spraying

07/11 FDA is not protecting consumers from unsafe food additives

07/10 Back-to-back La Ninas cooled globe and influenced extreme weather in 2011

07/09 BP's Liberty Project suspended in Alaska due to costs and setbacks

07/06 Feds shift focus to e-waste

07/02 $26 a gallon?! Navy's 'Green Fleet' meets stiff headwinds

07/02 Military plane crashes while battling South Dakota wildfire

07/02 People return to charred cities after Colorado wildfires

07/02 Eastern U.S. swelters with heat wave, power outages

07/02 Meatless Monday: Chain reaction

07/02 Illinois shark fin ban: First inland state adopts policy agaiinst fin sale, trade

07/01 North Carolina fracking: Governor Beverly Purdue vetoes bill

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world World News

07/31 Solar philanthropy: Five groups using solar to end energy poverty

07/31 Expanded cork: The greenest insulation material?

07/30 Photos: Sustainability at the London Olympics

07/26 SolarWorld among 20-plus manufacturers to file EU complaint

07/23 Come Together, to save the Arctic

07/23 Frozen sperm offer a lifeline for coral

07/23 Global water issues fuel tensions in regions with shared river systems

07/22 China storms: Heavy rains kill 20, including 10 in Beijing

07/22 Bacteria outbreak in northern Europe due to ocean warming, study says

07/21 Japan probes under-reporting of Fukushima radiation dosage

07/20 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The light at the end of the Summit

07/12 Green energy funding cuts must be better communicated to the public, analyst says

07/12 What's the difference between a circular and a linear economy? One millimeter

07/12 Jesse Eisenberg: Animal rights campaign features actor decrying mistreatment of exotic birds

07/12 Insight: Environment or profit - palm oil firm tests Indonesia

07/12 Giant, red roaches invade Italy

07/12 Lifting ban on Phillipines' Tampakan mine unlikely - governor

07/12 EU says up to 1.5 billion euros ready for low-carbon investment

07/12 Nestle's 'Mr. Water' more worried about H2O than CO2

07/11 Widespread exposure to BPA substitute is occurring from cash register receipts, other paper

07/11 Tsunami debris adds to 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'

07/11 Enbridge says pipeline safe after NTSB blasts company

07/11 England flood risk to rise fourfold by 2035: report

07/10 Coral Triangle reefs threatened at rate above global average, report finds (video)

07/10 Global warming makes heat waves more likely, study finds

07/09 Leatherback turtle eggs and hatchlings crushed by the thousands on Trinidad beach

07/08 Putin seeks answers after deadly southern Russia floods

07/08 Eni blames sabotage for Nigeria oil spillage

07/05 Asian nations want to sink South Korea whale hunt plan

07/03 IWC meetings open in Panama

07/03 Argentine court upholds glacier law in mining area

07/02 New Zealand extends carbon trade rules untill 2015

07/02 Fiat clashes with German carmakers on EU CO2 law

07/02 War-related climate change would reduce substantially reduce crop yields

07/02 Growing ship traffic threatens blue whales

07/01 India monsoon floods kill 81

07/01 In Japan, first reactor is restarted since quake

07/01 Rise in sea level can't be stopped: scientists


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