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James Lane Allen
Stormwater Project


Storm Drain Project  



Culminating Event  

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Adaptations PowerPoint
Mussel Adaptations 

Energy Flow Aquatic Energy Flow
Energy Flow in Aquatic Ecosystems
Energy Flow Chart
Food Webs and Pyramids
Food Web Pictures
Stream Energy Pyramid

Fossils in Kentucky
Paleoworld PowerPoint

Karst Geology of Kentucky
Karst is a Landscape
Kentucky Karst Areas
Kentucky Karst
Sinkholes in Fayette
Watersheds What is a Watershed? PowerPoint
Kentucky Water Facts
River Basins of Kentucky
Kentucky River Basin
Teacher's Guides Wetlands
Small Stream
Big River
More Maps Fayette Watershed with Names
Fayette Watershed without Names
Elkhorn Creek Watershed
Kentucky Watersheds with Names
Kentucky Watersheds without Names
Major Rivers of the U.S.
Watershed Divides of the U.S.
Alabama Water Watch     
   Water Chemistry Monitoring Data Form
   Stream Biomonitoring Data Form
Kentucky River Watershed Watch


Chemical Parameters Chemical Parameters
Ph and Dissolved Oxygen tests


Lesson Plan Macroinvertebrate Lesson


Macro Card Game Macro Game Cards
Macro Game Cards - Group
Macro Game Cards - No names, no groups
Benthic Macroinvertebrates - With names
Benthic Macroinvertebrates - Students


Living In or Near Water

'What lives in or near our water?' PowerPoint
'Key to Macroinvertebrates in
   Rivers and Streams' PowerPoint

Tally Sheets

Macroinvertebrates and Chemical Water
   Testing Tally

Macroinvertebrates Tally for Game
Key to Microinvertebrate Life in the River



Tree Identification
Plants Stream
Dichotomous Key Lesson    
Dichotomous Key Leaf Identification
Leaf Dichotomous Key
Leaf Pictures
Riparian Zone Trees
Riparian Zone Invasive Species
Invasive Species Pictures
Tree Identification at James Lane Allen


Water Cycle Water Cycle