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01/31 Bluegrass PRIDE: Finding businesses that share your green values a mouse click away

01/31 Pet Smarts: Itchy dog? Getting to the root of the problem is key to long-term relief

01/31 Health department putting inspection scores online for all Lexington food establishments

01/31 Bell County's 'fresh approach' to curbing chronic disease showing signs of promise

01/31 Ashland, Inc. to invest $15 million, retain 500 full-time jobs at Calvert City plant

01/31 Smart Suzy: Bigger Blue countdown, win an iPad, winter emergency kit, save on utilities

01/31 Turfway Park to host first international Catch a Riding Star Challenge race

01/30 Growing number of people, groups support efforts to raise industrial hemp in Kentucky

01/30 Kentucky State Parks seeks volunteers to serve as hosts at 31 Kentucky campugrounds

01/30 A&S offers new major: BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

01/29 Agriculture responsible for $2.4 billion a year, one in nine jobs in Fayette Co., report shows

01/29 Vote set on Town Branch Commons design; winner will be open for public view afterward

01/29 UK College of Ag forum in April to examine climate change from multiple perspectives

01/29 SCAPA turns out two air/ climate division winners in Eco Challenge, each wins $10,000

01/29 BCTC biotech program awarded $20,000 grant from Ky. National Science Foundation

01/28 Kentucky Industrial hemp commission votes to support SB 50; Comer fires on Opposition

01/28 This week is #blueabroad Week

01/28 Smart Suzy: Bigger Blue Giveaway udate, check for radon, game fun, and spotting deals

01/25 Bluegrass PRIDE: Even with week's inspiring events, couldn't help but think about trash

01/24 Pet Smarts: Food labels are a good read for anyone who cares about a pet's nutrition, care

01/24 Therapy dogs provide stress relief, help patients cope at Markey Cancer Center

01/24 As flu spreads, remember it's not too late for a shot

01/23 Gena Bigler: What does poverty look like in Kentucky? The answer might shock you

01/23 Ky.'s auto manufacturers produced more than one million cars in 2012, first time since 2007

01/14 Four popular cycling events across the state form new Kentucky Centry Challenge

01/14 Health Department reports 40 flu cases, UK Hosptial to temporarily adjust visitation

01/14 Comer praises lawmakers, Ky. Chamber of Commerce for support of industrial hemp

01/10 Xinergy Corpration receives Commissioner's Reclamation Award for work in Bell County

01/10 Water restored to Donovan and Haggin, but not drinkable; K-Lair closed for cleanup

01/10 Next generation science standards available for public review, comments encouraged

01/10 Keeneland tops 2012 overall gross in third session of January Horses of All Ages Sale

01/09 Smart Suzy: Giving away reusable shopping bags, a heads-up about Bigger Blue Giveaway

01/09 NKU to adopt tobacco-free campus policy, transition process may take up to 18 months

01/08 New Hazard station added to Kentucky Seismic and Strong-motion Network

01/08 Bluegrass PRIDE: SCAPA students encourage recycling through Battery Buddies club

01/08 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet seeks public input on 20-year transportation plan

01/08 Everyday Heroes: Doug and Sheila Bray sow garden of caring with 'The Giving Fields'

01/08 Keeneland posts gains in gross, average; Nereid brings $1.3 million to top day one

01/07 Green BEAN delivery comes to Lexington, delivers organic produce to doorstep

01/07 Smart Suzy: A grateful attitude, clearance deals, go-green ideas, $$ for young students

01/06 The high grain prices seen in 2012 are likely to stick around through 2013, expert says

01/05 Daily Yonder: Letcher County 4-H hosts fundraiser for Raptor Rehabilitation Program

01/04 Statement from Turfway regarding equine herpes outbreak at Hawthorne

01/04 Keeneland set to open 2013 as January Horses of All Ages Sale set to begin Monday

01/04 New Citizen's Fire Academy starts in February for Lexingtonians interested in firefighting

01/04 Workshop to offer information on organic corn production as a profitable alternative

01/04 Cheryl Norton 'loving her job' as the first woman to head Kentuacky American Water

01/03 FCPS among 13 organizations to receive TVA grant, will use funds to collect live energy data

01/03 Smart Suzy: Scouting out new deal sources, refinancing? green trends, Ky - hike around

01/03 2012 Review: Hemp, and death of advocate Gatewood Galbraith, drew national audience

01/03 UK Center for Excellence in Rural Health hosts Breathe Easy Perry County Partnership Exhibit

01/03 Bluegrass PRIDE: Reducing 'waste-line' in 2013, putting an end to throwing out food

01/02 Students asked to show how 'Agriculture Grows My Community' for annual contest

01/02 New grant to help advance UK Design's HBEER Project

01/02 Construction teams get go-ahead to start initial work on Ohio River Bridges Project

01/02 Good Eats: Make feeding your body right a priority, then the rest will fall into place


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USA U.S. News


01/31 Nuke commission's meeting on public engagement doesn't engage public

01/28 Climate change action now helps win elections: Poll

01/28 Anti-science bills weighed in four states

01/28 Are BPA-free plastics just as bad?

01/23 Merchant solar: When and how could utility-scale PV enter the wholesale energy market?

01/21 Obama adds climate change to lengthy to-do list

01/14 Insecticide prompts death by sexual frustration; thinking like Sherlock Holmes

01/13 In California, it's U.S. vs. state over marijuana

01/13 House to take up Storm Relief Bill amid battle over spending

01/12 In Wyoming, many jobs but no place to call home

01/12 As Texas bakes in a long drought, water becomes a focus for legislators

01/12 Two men, one sky: A flight to the finish

01/11 Horse deaths at Aqueduct stir action by State Board

01/11 More flu but less intensity in some regions

01/11 Effects of climate change will be felt more deeply in decades ahead, draft report says

01/11 The grass is greener on the Mall's lawn, just in time for the inaugural onslaught

01/11 Apple delves deeper into renewable energy, offers wind energy storage concept

01/10 New York Sun is rising

01/10 Heat, flood or icy cold, extreme weather rages worldwide

01/10 Solar farm in Charles County gives SMECO new energy

01/10 FDA should revamp nutrition labels

01/09 Flu widespread, leading a range of winter's ills

01/09 Cash for hay driving thieves to move bundles

01/09 Mosaic plants crowdfunding flag for solar projects

01/08 The market and Mother Nature

01/08 Mega-solar matchmaking in California

01/08 CES 2013: Flower Power empowers novice gardeners

01/08 Interior Dept. expedites review of Arctic drilling after accidents

01/07 In Queens, taking the High Line as a model

01/07 What does the fiscal cliff deal mean for the U.S. solar industry?

01/06 Drought threatens to halt critical barge traffic on Mississippi

01/06 Drilling far from imminent, but debste roils a region

01/04 Matt Damon's 'Promised Land' clashes with pro-fracking ad

01/04 Congress passes a $9.7 billion storm relief measure

01/04 Exports of American natural gas may fall short of high hopes

01/04 F.D.A. offers broad new rules to fight food contamination

01/04 Is your utility ready? New report says local solar could power 10% of country in 10 years

01/03 Concentrated solar power: Next-generation technologies poised to ramp up utility-scale production

01/03 Gas drilling is called safe in New York

01/03 2013 Geothermal: Last-minute PTC revision sparks a new hope

01/03 Congress renews credit for biodiesel industry

01/03 Rig owner will settle with U.S. in Gulf spill

01/03 In victory for Va., judge rules EPA can't regulate storm water as pollutant

01/02 A forlorn shuttle points to progress in the Rockaways

01/02 Wind energy tax credit extension passes with fiscal cliff deal

01/02 Billions in aid for hurricane victims appears in jeopardy

01/02 Stalling of storm aid makes northeast Republicans furious

01/02 Together a century, city and oil giant hit a rough patch

01/01 Rig runs aground in Alaska, reviving fears about Arctic drilling

01/01 Volunteers at ground zero now face a demand for proof


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world World News

01/31 Dude! When's the next big wave?

01/30 Radioactive cattle found near Fukushima

01/29 China won't impose tariff on imported polysilicon, analyst says

01/29 Trina predicts U.K. solar boom to double installations in 2013

01/28 Is German renewable energy biting the Mittelstand hand that feeds GDP?

01/28 Belgian and German electricity systems keep lights on despite nuclear turn-off

01/27 Cities affect temperatures for 1,000s of miles

01/25 Giant squid: Still a deep mystery

01/24 North Korea plans nuclear test aimed at U.S.

01/23 China needs a 'game changing' renewable energy technology

01/22 Sting operations reveal Mafia involvement in renewable energy

01/17 Model plane hobbyists know the risks of lithium-ion batteries

01/13 Act now, delay climate troubles

01/12 A desert cold and wet multiplies the misery of Syrian refugees

01/12 On scale of 0 to 500, Beijing's air quality tops 'crazy bad' at 755

01/11 IRENA: Shale-gas boom can complement renewables to cut coal

01/11 Solar water heaters in Lebanon: An emerging $100 million market

01/11 A cancer cycle, from here to China

01/11 Colo the gorilla is world's oldest

01/10 Chile approves 3.1GW of solar PV projects

01/10 Greeneland ice tendrils reach south

01/10 China to add 49 GW of renewables in 2013, solar stocks soar

01/09 Filipino company announces nine new small hydropower projects

01/08 France doubles solar energy target, seeks to promote European equipment

01/08 Trapped killer whales appear to escape when ice shifts

01/08 Not even close: 2012 was hottest ever in U.S.

01/08 India waste manager seeks $200 million IPO to finance waste-to-energy plant

01/07 In Japan, a painfully slow sweep

01/07 Oil sands industry in Canada tied to higher carcinogen level

01/07 Algae.Tech plans $200 million bond sale to fund U.S. biodiesel plants

01/06 In Chad, hidden dangers in guarding wildlife

01/05 Pulling carbon dioxide out of thin air

01/05 Officials: Tsunami warning canceled following strong earthquake off the coast of Alaska, Canada

01/04 Foreign banks cool to China solar energy, Beijing steps in

01/04 SolarWorld sees EU imposing China solar dumping duties in May or June

01/02 Syria moves its chemical weapons, and U.S. and allies cautiously take note

01/01 Renewable energy review: United Kingdom


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