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kentuckyKentucky News

01/31 UK to partner with Louisville, Ball State in 2013 Solar Decathlon

01/31 LRC's capital notes: Resolution to study state's wild hog problem clears house

01/30 Ribbon cutting marks completion of first University of Kentucky HBEER home

01/27 UK College of Agriculture embraces social media

01/20 Mild winter means earlier scouting

01/19 Energy hogs will become extinct

01/19 Engineering professor's research featured in 'nature nanotechnology'

01/17 College of Arts and Sciences' podcast features GIS workshop course

01/13 When a walk in the woods turns dangerous

01/13 Blue Grass community foundation initiative surveying 'food needs' in Lex's east end

01/12 House leader Adkins seeks to make state schools greener

01/10 Kentucky livestock coalition announces 2012 leadership, continue consumer outreach

01/06 UK soil scientists increase yields for wheat farmers

01/03 UK's College of Agriculture leads statewide survey of all horse breeds


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USA U.S. News

01/31 Department of Energy releases new online renewable energies map

01/31 Halliburton wins ruling vs BP over Gulf oil spill

01/31 NRC wants U.S. nuclear operators to adopt new seismic model

01/31 Plans to block carp will re-reverse Chicago River

01/31 $10,000 reward in sea lion killings

01/31 Widespread abuse alleged at two pig farms

01/28 Snowy owls soar south from Arctic in rare mass migration

01/26 U.S. Department of Defense takes forceful lead as early adopters of solar energy

01/26 U.S. needs long-term site for nuclear waste: panel

01/25 Smart grid initiatives address cyber security, renewable energy intermittency

01/25 Under pressure: Startup company turns water into power

01/25 One leader, lots of consolidation as CIGS market emerges

01/25 Obama: Sticking to “promise of clean energy”

01/24 Researchers: Quantum dots boost solar cell efficiency by 45%

01/23 Vermont company’s biomass system outperforms expectations

01/20 Department of Energy study shows potential for ocean power production

01/20 NOAA designates additional critical habitat for leatherback sea turtles off west coast

01/20 Concentrating photovoltaics: It’s make it or break it time

01/20 Influential women in cleantech: Top 10 women of biofuels

01/19 Keystone XL oil pipeline battle has only just begun

01/19 NOAA: 2011 a year of climate extremes in the United States

01/19 National Strategy proposed to respond to climate change’s impacts on fish, wildlife, plants

01/19 Solar getting cheaper, but not equally

01/19 There is 'no evidence' that wind turbine syndrome exists, concludes expert panel

01/19 Construction to move forward on NaturEner Project in Montana with unique financing

01/19 Making way for a bigger turbine

01/18 Joule Unlimited raises $70 million, heads for commercialization

01/18 Obama Administration to reject Keystone pipeline

01/18 Geothermal heating up in Nevada despite frigid industry climate

01/17 Nearly 7 million bats may have died from white-nose fungus, officials say

01/17 ZeaChem and the renewable fuel standard

01/17 Promoting green electronics in government

01/16 How to go green without going crazy

01/15 Environmentalists celebrate longshot victory at Mattawoman Creek

01/14 As deadline nears, friends and foes of Keystone XL pipeline step up campaigns

01/13 Helping the Virgin Islands cut fuel use with renewables

01/08 U.S. tightens fishing policy, setting 2012 catch limits for all managed species

01/08 IPod of thermostats saves energy with pizzazz: Rich Jaroslavsky

01/05 Toxic releases rose 16 percent in 2010, EPA says

01/02 Supreme Court case involving Idaho lake house ignites conservative cause against EPA

01/02 Spaceship Earth: a new view of environmentalism

01/01 'Ghosts' haunt creatures on bay's bottom

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world World News

01/31 No big Fukushima health impact seen: U.N. body chairman

01/31 U.N. agency approves Japan's reactor stress tests

01/31 Panel praises removal of details on bird flu

01/30 Kyocera to launch solar with Li-Ion battery storage for homes in Japan

01/27 "Monster" rules Nepal village on climate frontline

01/27 Singapore raises sea defences against tide of climate change

01/26 Asian solar PV installs surging, China 'blistering'

01/26 Dark clouds threaten German clean energy ambitions

01/25 PLN report shows Indonesia has potential for significant hydroelectric growth

01/25 China need not fear tariff barriers in India

01/24 From Soitec and Sumitomo: New gallium-nitride tech for solar and LED

01/24 Japan task force kept no records of nuclear crisis response

01/24 Hydroelectricity growing worldwide, study indicates

01/23 Gambling on Iraq's oil

01/23 LanzaTech raises $58 million in Series C round; Petronas becomes strategic investor

01/23 IDB approves $30 million loan for Latin America renewable development

01/23 Asia report: China has strong words over U.S. wind trade investigation

01/23 Weaker sun will not delay global warming: study

01/20 Asia solar cell producers rising amid pricing war

01/20 U.S. appeals WTO ruling on dophin-safe tuna label

01/20 Conserving biodiversity hotspots ‘could bring world’s poor $500bn a year’

01/20 From forest sell-off to Thames airport plans – this government has a seriously anti-environmental agenda

01/20 Costa Concordia: Marine paradise threatened by cruise ship

01/19 Beijing makes rare concession on pollution measure

01/19 Breakthrough in quest to turn seaweed into biofuels

01/19 Alstom, SSE Renewables join forces for 200-MW wave farm in Scotland

01/18 Australians want wind, but politics and media get in the way: Two new reports

01/18 Mexico revises environmental law to include some large hydro plants

01/18 Latin America report: Critics urge more solar, wind, geothermal in Chile

01/18 Rare rhino's capture may help protect her species from extinction

01/18 UPDATE 4-Japan to allow 60-year reactor lifespan despite Fukushima

01/18 Analysis: New technology focuses the sun to cut solar’s cost

01/17 Sunflower inspires new space-saving CSP lay-out

01/17 China report spells out “grim” climate change risks

01/17 Siemans puts cost of nuclear exit at 1.7 trillion euros

01/17 $1 billion deal: BP, Sempra combine on projects in Pennsylvania, Kansas

01/16 When we struggle, we learn

01/16 Asia report: China, South Korea leaders at world energy summit

01/16 Trees near homes boost income, sequester carbon

01/16 Preserving biodiversity 'protects drylands'

01/15 Derelict Russian space probe crashes to Earth

01/14 Are Japan's megasolar plans falling apart?

01/13 Apple report reveals labor, environmental violations

01/13 No shoot-down despite incoming satellite's toxic fuel

01/12 Study: Simple measures could reduce global warming, save lives

01/12 Vestas to cut 2,335 jobs worldwide; 1,600 U.S. jobs may be next

01/12 Private development of the Paul Wilson hydro station in New Zealand

01/11 Researchers propose putting a price on whales

01/10 Germany's solar identity crisis

01/09 Asia report: SolarWorld plans to file European complaint

01/04 China report spells out 'grim' climate change risks

01/03 First-ever hybrid shark discovered off Australia

01/02 Lufthansa to pass carbon scheme costs to passengers

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