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02/26 Fifth annual UK Equine Career Fair will unite college students with equine industry

02/26 Industrial hemp bill moves to House panel, testimony expected to be heard Wednesday

02/22 Lexington schools finish big in national recycle-bowl to keep America beautiful

02/22 Smart Suzy: The Biggest Blue winners keep coming, stop the food waste, Faith Feeds

02/21 EKU grad students return to native Kenya to help residents identify water quality risks

02/21 State's horticulture industry growing strong thanks to grant funds, interest in local foods

02/20 Salato Wildlife Education Center reopens soon; will debut newest resident - a bobcat

02/20 LRC's Capitol Notes: HIV testing bill passes House, now goes to Senate for consideration

02/19 Unique fishing tourney targets high-jumping Asian carp that are invading state waterways

02/18 UK, DOE Paducah Groundwater Models at WKCTC

02/17 New five-year plan for agriculture puts focus on 'next-generation farmers,' families

02/17 The Rural Blog: Resistant 'superweeds' a growing problem, survey of farmers shows

02/15 Daily Yonder: Finding common ground key for moving past coal debate for Appalachia

02/15 'Peaceful and relaxing' Halcomb's Knob offers valuable lessons about nature, sustainability

02/14 Industrial hemp bill passes Senate after new survey shows overwhelming support

02/14 Bluegrass PRIDE: With their local-food focus, FoodChain and Seedleaf doing good things

02/14 Annual Great Backyard Bird Count goes international for first time this weekend

02/12 Al Cross: hemp bill's advocates hope to make Kentucky a test bed for return of crop to U.S.

02/12 Cincinnati Horticulture Expert to Give Arboretum Lecture

02/11 Hemp bill clears agriculture committee, now heads to full Senate for consideration

02/07 Bluegrass PRIDE: Love is in the air, so turn off the lights and turn down the heat!

02/06 UK Helps Kentucky Beef Farmers

02/05 Business Briefs: Alfalfa conference, hospital's new sign, new jobs, free business classes

02/04 SCAPE selected to design Town Branch Commons park in downtown Lexington

02/04 Three UK Faculty to Present at SEC Symposium

02/04 Darwin Lecture to Discuss Dinosaurs, Origin of Birds


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USA U.S. News


02/28 U.S.D.A. May Approve Horse Slaughtering

02/28 In California, What Price Water?

02/28 An Iowa Farmer's Quest for No Ordinary Pig

02/27 The Gradual Growth of Geothermal Power in the U.S.

02/26 Geothermal Deal Could Bridge the Gap for Future Development

02/25 Cultivating Bipartisan Support for Biofuel from Germs

02/25 Silicon Valley Investors Shifting to Power Grid After Solar Sours

02/25 Massachusetts Maps its Solar Energy Future

02/25 Connecting the Neural Dots

02/25 Now the Desert is Just a Desert

02/23 Seen as Nature Lovers' Paradise, Utah Struggles with Air Quality

02/22 A Bright Future for the CLEAN LA Solar Program

02/22 Thin Snowpack in West Signals Summer of Drought

02/21 As the Competition Heats Up, So Does a Fight Over Homegrown Peppers

02/21 The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax

02/21 Commission Report Features Financing Recommendations to Double U.S. Energy Efficiency

02/21 One-third of seafood mislabeled, study finds

02/20 Wind, Solar, Biomass Provide All New US Electrical Generating Capacity in Jan 2013

02/20 SolarCity, Honda Establish $65 Million Project Investment Fund

02/20 Curiosity drills into Mars for first time

02/19 10th Annual ACORE Conference Calls for Bipartisan Support and Continued Financial Innovation for Renewable Energy

02/19 Helping solve crimes through cutting edge DNA research

02/18 DNA Test for Rare Disorders Becomes More Routine

02/18 Big tobacco and anti-cancer activists agree: Health provision goes too far

02/18 Two Bills Promoting Geothermal Energy Reintroduced in the Senate

02/18 Crater found in Iowa points to asteroid break-up 470 million years ago

02/18 Advances in Met-Tower Technology Bring Advantages to Wind Energy

02/17 Obama Faces Risks in Pipeline Decision

02/17 Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain

02/17 Billionaire has unique role in official Washington: climate change radical

02/15 As Fisheries Struggle, Debate Heats Up Over How to Help

02/15 In the Everglades, hunters help to check a slithery invader

02/14 Fuels America Sends Snarky Valentine to Big Oil

02/14 Obama and the Reinvention of Energy Efficiency

02/14 Billionaire Moguls Fighting For and Against Renewable Energy

02/14 Weighing Obama's SOTUS Proposal: More Oil Drilling to Fund Clean Energy?

02/14 Net Metering Debates Rages On Despite Calls for Calm

02/14 If America Wants Energy Innovation, It Will Have to Help Fund It

02/13 Obama Reinforces Support for Renewable Energy

02/13 To Go: Plastic-Foam Containers, if the Mayor Gets His Way

02/12 California's CEC Adds Renewable Energy Expertise

02/12 GE Snatches Wind Installation Crown from Vestas

02/12 U.S., Asian allies look for leverage against North Korea after nuclear test

02/12 Protecting endangered foreign animal and plant species

02/11 Maryland Ocean Turbines Seen Powering US Offshore Wind Energy

02/10 Farmers, environmentalists await seventh analysis of 60-year-old Mississippi levee plan

02/08 Tighter Emission Rules to Spur Clean Energy Innovation

02/08 NREL Connects EVs and Grid Integration

02/08 Rhode Island Feed-in Tariff Schedule Announced for 2013

02/07 Continuing the Conversation: How to Entice New Investors to the Solar Industry

02/07 Compounding pharmacies have been linked to deaths, illnesses and safety failures for years

02/07 TOBA announces 2013 seminar, clinic lineup

02/07 Pet Smarts: Open wide Sparky - February is Pet Dental Health Awareness Month

02/06 Geothermal JEDI: Less Intimidating than That Other JEDI

02/06 Lux Research's Fatima Toor on Solar Technology Innovations

02/05 D.C. Council bills aim for more aggressive action on environmental concerns

02/05 Albatross named Wisdon astounds scientists by producing chick at age 62

02/04 What are the Barriers to Distributed Renewable Energy?

02/03 On Decimated Shore, a Second Life for Christmas Trees

02/03 Vast Oil Reserve May Now Be Within Reach, and Battle Heats Up

02/01 1366 Technologies Opens New Factory, Paves Road to Cheaper Solar PV

02/01 New Mexico Solar Deal Details Point to Parity - and Pain

02/01 Regulators Working to Fix Scam-Ridden U.S. Biofuel Program

02/01 The 2013 Renewable Fuel Standard: A 10-Minute Guide

02/01 Mishandling of DNA Evidence is Found in Over 50 Cases at Crime Lab

02/01 Cod Fishery in Crisis


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world World News

02/28 Study of Ice Age Bolsters Carbon and Warming Link

02/27 China Solar: Big Get Better, Smaller Suffer

02/26 Uruguay Plans 200 Megawatts of the World's Cheapest Solar Energy

02/26 Asia Reports: India's Solar Market at a Crossroads

02/25 Mediterranean Diet Shown to Ward Off Heart Attack and Stroke

02/22 Solar in Canada: Telling the Good News Story

02/21 EU Should Phase Out Support for Land-Based Biofuels, Lobbies Say

02/21 China: A Global new Energy Scavenger

02/20 5 Ways to Becaome a Citizen Climate Scientist

02/20 Iceland Looks to Export Power Bubbling from Below

02/19 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton will be returned to Mongolia

02/19 Dolphins Call Each Other By Name

02/18 Russians Wade into the Snow to Seek Treasure from the Sky

02/18 International court Sides with Indian Hydroelectric Plant Developer in Neelum River Dispute

02/18 The Future of Electricity Markets

02/18 Argentina Prepping for Solar Energy Surge with Incentives, Domestic Credit

02/18 Asia Report: As PV Demand Surges, Local Issues Drive Supplier Strategies

02/17 In Russia, Ruins and Property Spared by Meteor, Side by Side

02/16 North Korean Nukes Getting Bigger

02/15 Making Biomass Part of the Energy Mix

02/15 Outlook for Renewable Energy Projects and Finance in Canada

02/15 Size of Blast and Number of Injuries Are Seen as Rare for a Rock from Space

02/15 Shock Wave of Fireball Meteor Rattles Siberia, Injuring 1,200

02/15 As asteroid whizzes by, surprise meteor makes an impact over Russia

02/14 Onshore Wind Drives Germany's Renewables Revolution, but Is It Too Much of a Good Thing?

02/13 Photovoltaic Production in China's Jiangsu Province Falls 30% in 2012

02/13 China's Solar Dragon Year 2012

02/12 Jamaica's Solar Industry Recieves Major Boost from USSolar

02/12 What's Driving, and Constraining, PV Demand in Greece

02/12 U.S. - East Africa Collaboration: From Start-Up to Top-Gear in the Geothermal Industry

02/12 100 GW of Solar PV Now Installed in the World Today

02/12 N. Korea's nuclear test raises tension, shows progress toward viable weapon

02/12 U.S., Asian allies look for leverage against North Korea after nuclear test

02/12 Nuclear test adds strain to North Korea's relationship with China

02/11 North Korea confirms third nuclear test

02/11 German ministries Clashing Over Renewable Subsidies

02/11 Asia Report: Solar Trade Battles Brewing Between India, US, China

02/07 Australian Wind Energy Now Cheaper Than Coal and Gas

02/07 Chinese dams in Tibet raise hackles in India

02/07 Europe consuming more coal

02/05 Asia Report: India Scales Back Subsidies, What it means for Solar

02/05 Where Are All the Electric BMWs?

02/04 Dow Supports Solar Energy Generation in South Africa

02/04 Turkey Sees 'Huge' Clean-Energy Investment as Demand Bucks Trend

02/04 Wood-based Biomass Blossoming in Asia

02/04 Rise in Oil Tax Forces Greeks to Face Cold as Ancients Did

02/03 Official Says Iran is Open to New Round of Nuclear Talks

02/01 Norway May Boost Hydro Output 12% by 2020, Survey Shows

02/01 Europe Says Drug Makers Paid to Delay a Generic


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