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kentuckyKentucky News

12/27 'Treecycling' is the best way to dispose of cut Christmas trees, natural wreaths

12/21 WUKY's winter pledge drive update

12/20 Bluegrass PRIDE: Are holidays sustainable? They can be with a few simple changes

12/19 Two Fayette County STEM teachers receive INSPIRE: Lexmark's Teaching Award

12/17 Good Eats: Don't ignore the buzz about honey - nature's sweetener is good and good for you

12/17 Chase invests in STEM opportunities for Central Ky. kids through grant to United Way

12/17 PAWS Club Members at Beaumont Middle School learn about wildlife, domestic animals

12/15 UK College of Agriculture inducts Inaugural Hall of Distinguished Alumni

12/14 Lexington ready for winter weather with stockpile of 5,550 tons of salt, 49 trucks

12/14 Agriculture Commissioner James Comer to fulfill promise to visit every Ky. county

12/13 UK Ag faculty receive Great Teacher awards

12/13 Robinson Center wood products now available

12/13 UK researchers to study nutrition in Appalachia

12/13 Bluegrass PRIDE: Shy child now homeroom mom with 'power' to plan greener parties

12/13 Tim Thornberry: Even in challenging times, Kentucky agriculture scores a record year

12/13 Marcus Carey's On the Marc: There's more than one layer to discussion about pot

12/13 Kentucky, Ohio governors sign landmark agreement to build new Ohio River bridge

12/13 Agriculture Commissioner James Comer to appear on 'Kentucky Proud Kitchen' show

12/13 Lexington Area Metro Planning Organization seeking public input on Participation Plan

12/12 Asbury awarded two-year $18,000 grant to establish a community garden on campus

12/12 Carter County site chosen for eastern Kentucky carbon storage test well

12/12 Robertson named to Kentucky Radon Advisory Committee

12/12 Flu activity widespread in Kentucky, officials at Department of Public Health say

12/11 Lafayette junior takes first place in statewide Farm Bureau Youth contest

12/11 First graduates of Animal Studies program to walk across EKU's commencement stage

12/11 N. Ky. community gardeners share bounty through partnership with Harvest Stewards

12/10 Equine Academy at Lexington Catholic hosting auction to benefit equine education

12/10 Judy Clabes: The Kentuckians who care about our food supply at least deserve appreciation

12/10 Good Eats: Here's the lowdown on sugar's dirty little secrets - and how to offset them

12/10 Smart Suzy: Still time to think of others, how many batteries? An easy home-made gift...

12/10 Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference to offer variety of speakers, discussion topics

12/07 Coldstream hosts 'Hot Chocolate, Cool Watersheds'

12/06 Kentucky 2012 farm cash receipts to top $5 billion

12/05 All the warmth but none of the costs

12/05 Bluegrass PRIDE: Earth-friendly gifts for the holidays? It's easier than you may think

12/05 Q&A with Anne Hopkins: Good Foods' GM passionate about agriculture, sustainability

12/05 Thirst Tour introduces UK to global water crisis

12/05 'Pathways to Creativity' at UK to bring hunger awareness

12/04 Eagle Watch weekend reservations available at Kentucky State Parks in January, February

12/04 Smart Suzy: Real or artificial tree? Celebrate with song FREE, savvy menu options, ideas

12/04 Events allow out-of-work miners, spouses to sign up for job, training assistance

12/04 UK's Saddle Up Safely program releases new booklet, 'Safety While in the Pasture'

12/04 FCPS taking applications for STEAM Academy, set to open in August, 2013

12/04 Staff Senate organizes food drive

12/04 From Harlan to Paducah, UK Design heps improve KY communities

12/04 Giving wish list: A guide for charitable giving to those in need this time of year

12/04 Marcus Carey's On the Marc: Living the 'old-timey' way prompts deeper respect for past

12/04 Try these creative ideas to start new Christmas traditions this holiday season

12/03 First case of the flu reported in Lexington as National Influenza Week kicks off

12/03 Good Eats: 'Organic' can be expensive, so know when it matters and when it doesn't

12/03 School lunchtime anything but typical at the Lexington School, thanks to Chef Ryan

12/03 Industrial Hemp Commission to meet again as officials attempt to revive production in state

12/03 Leaders in education join together to mark launch of Kentucky's STEMx Network

12/02 Until biomass-for-fuels idea takes hold, other uses sought for crops like switchgrass


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USA U.S. News

12/31 Naming storms: Public service or just a lot of hot air?

12/30 For day laborers, used to scraping by, hurricane creates a wealth of work

12/30 Guardian of the Potomac Ed Merrifield is sailing toward the end of his job as riverkeeper

12/30 Community center says it has been told to cease its storm relief program

12/29 Early flu season could be severe, experts warn

12/28 After Jackson, EPA faces big decisions on U.S. fracking boom

12/28 Arkansas power outages continue after Christmas Day's deadly winter storm

12/28 BLM approves Las Vegas water pipeline project

12/28 'Promised Land': Matt Damon tackles fracking in new film

12/27 Noble Discoverer investigation: Arctic drill ship used by Shell ordered to stay in Alaska

12/27 Shipping lanes off Calif tweaked to protect whales

12/27 College turtle project takes dark twist

12/27 Jackson to step down as Obama's environmental chief

12/27 Snow buries parts of Northeast, flights canceled

12/27 Whale stranded on New York City beach dies: Official

12/27 Evolution of a trash picker

12/26 New Jersey's Hurricane Sandy - flooded inland towns see no solutions

12/22 Hurricane Sandy relief gets boost from crowdfunding efforts

12/22 Cats at Hemingway mansion draw tourists, and a legal battle

12/22 Study: Home air conditioning cut premature deaths on hot days 80 percent since 1960

12/22 The 'milk cliff'

12/21 'Sandy Claus' brings gifts to hurricane victims

12/21 Why winter is a smart time to garden

12/21 Engineered fish moves a step closer to approval

12/21 On ravaged coastline, it's rebuild deliberately vs. rebuild now

12/20 Amid bangs and crunches, an owner's heart breaks

12/20 Marijuana, not yet legal for Californians, might as well be

12/19 A Queens high rise where fear, death and myth collided

12/19 A helium shortage leads to fewer balloons in the sky

12/17 2012 proved to be a roller coaster ride for U.S. Farm Bill, leaving many in ag industry worried

12/16 On Anacostia, some don't catch tainted-fish warning

12/14 Stephen Colbert donates super PAC money to charity (Video)

12/13 D.C. aims to create sustainable 'living building'

12/10 When a hurricane strands those in need

12/10 Renewable energy goes mainstream NOW in Orlando, Florida

12/10 Obesity in young is seen as falling in several cities

12/10 Drought and economy plague sheep farmers

12/08 'Famous' wolf is killed outside Yellowstone

12/08 Proposed rules on fracking gain cautious praise

12/08 Maryland inches closer to decision time on hydraulic fracturing

12/08 Cleaning the waterways of Washington

12/08 Wind industry threatened by fiscal cliff, avoiding hiring, laying off workers

12/08 BP oil spill flow rate vastly understated for weeks, emails show

12/08 With a natural gas tax, everyone can benefit

12/07 Koch Brothers fund bogus studies to kill renewable energy

12/07 Powering up with centralized biodigesters for dairy farms

12/07 Using public relations to fight climate change and build a new energy system

12/05 New ARPA-E Awards announced, with low-temp geothermal development project at Yale

12/04 How much will Californians pay for renewable energy?

12/04 Renewables account for 46% new U.S. electrical capacity since January

12/04 Why store carbon underground when you can reuse it in a chemical?

12/04 The people's beach

12/04 Home again, but only to mourn

12/04 To stop climate change, students aim at college portfolios

12/04 Supreme Court says government may have to pay for flooding

12/03 Are pesticides and food allergies linked?

12/02 New pub Cause promises to donate all profits to charity

12/01 Utah hunters criticize market approach to licenses and conservation

12/01 Taking a stand for office ergonomics

12/01 Washington set to legalize marijuana use without Justice Department guidance


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world World News

12/29 The power of a hot body

12/29 Dan Gertler earns billions as mine deals fail to enrich Congo

12/28 A record worth wilting for: DeathValley is hotter than...

12/28 Tigers makng comeback in Asia, group reports

12/28 Worst natural disasters of 2012 (Photos)

12/28 Art Wolfe's camouflage animal photos capture nature's 'vanishing act'

12/28 WORLD: Environmental taxes in Ireland

12/28 Javier Sanso, yacht racer, is using 100 percent renewable energy in the Vendee Globe sailing race

12/27 Developers of wind farms run a race against the calendar

12/27 Britain suspends exploratory drilling of Antarctic lake

12/27 Japan's new government sticks to three-year nuclear safety goal

12/26 12 weirdest, wildest and coolest eco-stories of 2012

12/24 West Antarctica warming in triple time

12/23 Rebuilding in Haiti lags after billions in post-quake aid

12/23 Polar bear trade, hunting cause controversy

12/23 India confronts mountain of coal problems

12/22 West Bank barrier plan threatens ancient farming landscape

12/22 For Syrian refugees, winter makes a harsh life

12/20 The 10 best and worst things to happen to cleantech in 2012

12/20 Worms beat beef as sustainable protein

12/19 In $18 million theft, victim was a Canadian maple syrup cartel

12/19 A look back at solar energy in 2012

12/18 Asia Report: China solar shares soar as government bails out sector

12/17 The bribery aisle: How Wal-mart used payoffs to get its way in Mexico

12/16 U.S. plans for possibility that Assad could lose control of chemical arms cache

12/14 New Zealand sets the pace for geothermal in Indonesia

12/13 Global geothermal markets booming - will the U.S. get left behind?

12/13 Intelligence on Syrian troops readying chemical weapons for use prompted Obama's warning

12/13 New Burden of Disease study shows world's people living longer but with more disability

12/11 Renewable Energy Projects of the Year highlight the industry's best achievements

12/11 Anti-whaling activists inveil latest ship, bought from Japan

12/10 Doha climate talks bring $100 billion Green Climate Fund into question

12/10 A rising tide of noise is now easy to see

12/10 Watch video: Environmental art warns of change

12/10 Falling off the fiscal cliff: Good for the environment?

12/09 Hundreds of fishermen missing in Philippine storm

12/09 Insight: U.S., China turned EU powers against airline pollution law

12/09 Weakened typhoon set to make second landfall in Philippines

12/08 Racetrack drugs put Europe off U.S. horsemeat

12/08 Kyoto Protocol extended in contentious U.N. climate talks

12/08 Caimans surround Puerto Rico town, so locals fight back with lassoes - and marinade

12/07 Solar power moves forward in Haiti, creativity flows

12/07 Strong earthquake shakes northeastern Japan, tsunami warning issued

12/07 Greenland passes mining projects bill, opens for cheap labor

12/06 What the amazing NASA night video says about politics, the environment and borders

12/06 China: Self-immolators and their abettors will be charged with murder

12/06 New head of Australia's Green Fund sees first investment by July 2013

12/05 At climate talks, a struggle over aid for poorer nations

12/04 Study: African lion population shrinks to 32,000

12/04 Birds use butts in nests to deter parasites

12/04 Verbund, E.ON agree to $2 billion hydropower asset trade

12/04 Cleantech to backtrack in 2013?

12/04 Trying to close orphanages, where many aren't orphans at all

12/04 WindMade label to expand to other renewables

12/03 Fox steals mobile phone, sends text

12/03 Asia Report: India's wind power capacity expected to balloon by 2020, says GWEC


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