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News Archive - August, 2013

kentuckyKentucky News


08/27 Kentucky Wood Expo 2013 designed to be bigger and better than ever say organizers 

08/22 Agriculture meteorologists at UK College of Ag, Kentucky Mesonet work to update farmers 

08/13 ‘Team Tomato’ researchers looking at ways to rid popular produce of contamination risk 

08/12 Floyds Fork Watershed Meeting Planned 

08/06 UK veterinarian explains new FDA guidelines on antibiotics in food-producing animals 

08/06 University of Kentucky engineering students work on clean drinking water in Honduras 


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USA U.S. News


08/30 Listen Up: What Solar Panels Should I Buy?  

08/29 Deadly effects of air pollution detailed in MIT study

08/26 A Quest for Even Safer Drinking Water 

08/26 Building a Better Mass-Market Tomato 

08/26 Almost 5 Months Old, Bronx Native Makes Zoo Debut 

08/23 Did You Know There Are More Solar Workers in Texas than Ranchers? 

08/22 California Solar Energy Apartments: Virtual Net Metering Allows Energy Savings One Tenant at a Time 

08/22 Sea Levels dropped in 2010-2011, Why? 

08/20 Staring Down Sequestration, US Army Ramps Up Renewables Recruiting Drive 

08/17 Trash Into Gas, Efficiently? An Army Test May Tell 

08/16 Yes, He Can… Put Solar Panels Back on the White House 

08/15 Reducing soot and methane emissions may not make as big of an impact as previously thought 

08/15 Moving Above Ground: From Coal Mines to Clean Energy 

08/14 Sierra Ranks Top 10 Greenest Universities in the US  

08/14 Arizona Fights for Its Solar Energy Rights

08/14 Nevada Tribe Venture to Build 1.5 Gigawatts of Renewable Power

08/13 Biofuel Credit Shortage to Boost U.S. Gasoline Exports, IEA Says 

08/11 Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn 

08/09 Habitat for Humanity Increasingly Using Solar Power 

08/09 Woodpecker Species Benefit from Emerald Ash Borer 

08/08 Calculating Solar Energy’s Land-Use Footprint 

08/07 Deaths of Manatees, Dolphins and Pelicans Point to Estuary at Risk

08/05 EPA looking at contaminated sites for renewable energy 

08/05 To Mandate or Not to Mandate Solar hot Water, That is the Question 

08/05 Increased grazing helps improve soil 

08/02 US Department of Energy Invests $22 Million in Algae Biofuels 

08/02 Two more species declared extinct in Florida 

08/01 How Clean Energy Victory Bonds Can Power Our Future 

08/01 First US Offshore Wind Leases Go to Deepwater 


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world World News

08/30 Climate change mitigation essential for even the most common species 

08/29 Hidden Mega-Canyon Discovered in Greenland 

08/28 Turn ON the dark! 

08/27 Seeing Deep Green with Low-velocity Tidal Power 

08/26 Planting trees in deserts to fight climate change 

08/16 West Antarctica warming during end of last ice age examined  

08/13 Worm Community Contributes to Methane Release in Ocean 

08/13 Breakthrough technology in diesel combustions results in cleaner engines 

08/12 Western Australia Backs Down on Solar Feed-in Tariff Cut

08/12 Greenland Ice Sheet is melting from the top and bottom 

08/09 River health revealed in bird eggs 

08/08 Old-growth trees store half rainforest carbon 

08/07 Tasting Temperature – A New Thermal Sensor Discovered in Insects 

08/06 Wind Insurance Claim Analysis Reveals Need for Monitoring 

08/06 Marine ecosystems shifting in response to warming climate 

08/01 Azerbaijan Aims to Boost Output of Renewable Energy 


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