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kentuckyKentucky News

08/31 World-renowned UK alumna, biodiversity expert named 2012 Mines Medalist

08/31 Middle schoolers experience thrill of discovery at science camp

08/31 West nile virus found in three people in Ky., precautions can help prevent exposure

08/31 Despite lower attendance numbers, 108th state fair called one of most successful

08/31 University of Kentucky extension agents help others learn the basics of food preservation

08/30 Isaac could bring significant rain to large area of Kentucky, impacting livestock, crops

08/30 Bluegrass Pride: Vinegar as hair rinse? Fabric softener? Weed killer? Yes - and much more!

08/30 KU, LG&E send employees, contractors to help restore power knocked out by Isaac

08/30 Geocaching weekend at Barren River Lake State Park open to 'cachers' of all levels

08/30 Officials tracking Tropical Storm Isaac as threat of severe weather looms in Kentucky

08/30 NKU awarded National Science Foundation grant to recruit, retain, STEM students

08/29 Kentuckians take take distilleries to court over black gunk

08/28 PhotoScenicKy weekend at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park celebrates 50th anniversary

08/28 Elk viewing tours offered at Jenny Wiley, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Parks

08/28 Great Plate Challenge asks NKU campus to eat more fruits, veggies, give back

08/28 'SEEing Science in Appalachia' links EKU Honors Program, Madison Middle School

08/27 Agricultural development projects across state awarded more than $3.6 million

08/27 UK Health Navigators at Lexington Farmers Market

08/27 Ready, set, grow: A Kid's Guide to Gardening program launches to promote local food

08/27 Fayette Co. Labor Day collections, closings

08/24 New GeoTrail retraces footsteps of Hatfields and McCoys through Kentucky, West Virginia

08/24 Making campus colorful: 'Who does that?'

08/24 West Nile virus reported in one person in Henry County, 1,118 cases nationwide

08/24 Crossing the border: One-day car adventures from Kentucky opens doors to seven states

08/24 Free Q&A event scheduled with vets to answer mosquito-born diseases questions

08/24 Chef John Foster: Food has many qualities, not the least of which is its ability to nurture

08/24 Marcus Carey's On the Marc: Cider, once part of everyday American life, making comeback

08/23 Equine Research Hall of Fame inductees announced

08/23 West Nile not a huge problem for Ky. to-date, one human case, four horses diagnosed

08/22 Producers reseeding drought-damaged pastures should beware of fall armyworms

08/22 Share the road: Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists are urged to be safe and courteous

08/22 Bluegrass Pride: If search for green car leaves you empty -handed, look for 'greenish' instead

08/21 Often lucrative sweet potato taking root in eastern Kentucky, throughout south

08/21 Marcus Carey's On the Marc: Dry farmed or not, you can't beat 'mater' season in Kentucky

08/20 More Ky. counties designated as drought disaster areas by US Agriculture Secretary

08/20 Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road's Thin Mint Sprints set for Sept. 29, Oct. 13

08/20 Coach Cal offers sneak peek of corn maze celebrating UK's 8th National Championship

08/20 Meal planning Monday: Farmers market supplies bounty of fresh, flavorful meals

08/17 Salmonella linked to Indiana canteloupe blamed for two deaths

08/16 UK opens Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Research Building

08/16 Farmers persevering through drought, hoping for better weather next season

08/16 Chef John Foster: Gleaning the fields worth the effort... just ask the homeless, hungry

08/16 Ag study finds strong growth in Kentucky produce

08/15 Horses become part of 'amazing' learning opportunity for some Fayette Co. students

08/14 Mine plan puts two Kentucky fixtures on collision course

08/14 Thai Orchid Cafe's to host 'Harvest Fest' to celebrate local food, proceeds benefit Seedleaf

08/14 Epidemiologist suggests Kentucky State Fair patrons follow precautions to avoid swine flu

08/14 Faberge egg among items available at silent auction to benefit Saddlebred Rescue

08/13 NKU Center for Environmental Education, Boone County Parks form partnership

08/13 Big Bone Lick State Park hosts survival skills weekend Sept. 7-9, registration required

08/13 Visit Kentucky State Parks displays with park naturalists, historians golf pros at state fair

08/13 Work with nanotechnology this summer gets high school teachers excited about this fall

08/10 Cumberland Falls, Natural Bridge, Kentucky Dam Village recognized by TripAdvisor

08/09 Jacobson Park entrance to be refurbished, will be open during construction period

08/08 Sandy Bottoms: It's hard, but not impossible to make road trip a little more earth-friendly

08/08 Resilient KY communities refresh canning skills

08/08 Federal grants for enhancement awarded to two of Kentucky's National Scenic Byways

08/08 UK professor, Mars researcher to infuse Curiosity's findings in courses

08/07 Transportation Cabinet's Adopt-a-Highway Poster contest submissions due Sept. 30

08/07 The Wholesome Chef to host healthy cooking classes at Transylvania, UK residence halls

08/07 Kentucky 4-H announces first Emerald Award winners

08/06 Kentucky grazing school focises on improving pasture management

08/03 Test will determine if lawns can survive drought, recovery depends on type of grass

08/02 August observed as National Immunization Awareness Month to help prevent disease

08/02 Museums throughout Kentucky will grant free admission as part of national event Sept.30

08/01 Kara Sayles: With a little compromise, busy moms can remain eco-friendly in decisions

08/01 Judge strikes down 'guidance' that EPA used to block many coal mining permits


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USA U.S. News

08/31 Scientists test new marine robot hurricane-hunters

08/31 Cleaner cars, a safer planet

08/31 Last of storms attacks midwest drought

08/31 Yosemite hantavirus outbreak: Probe continues after 2 more deaths discovered

08/31 Northern Cheyenne reservation wildfires ravage remote communities

08/31 Isaac rain stalls U.S. crop harvest, some damage done

08/31 Isaac power outages: No water, no power means days of misery for Louisiana

08/31 Fighting smart meters, urbanism, styrofoam: Top 5 stories this week

08/31 Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'

08/30 Radically different visions for America

08/30 Reenergizing local economies by energy retrofitting

08/30 The role of money in politics: Extreme energy edition

08/30 California can lead the nation in fighting plastic bags

08/30 Five dirty little secrets behind the U.S. new vehicle mileage rules

08/30 Hurricane Isaac pictures: Photos document the 2012 storm that hit Louisiana and Mississippi

08/30 Isaac pushes gas prices still higher for holiday weekend

08/30 Isaac could be blessing and curse in drought areas: 'Harvest in a hurry,' farmers urged

08/30 Shell can start drill prep in Alaska's Chukchi Sea

08/30 Evacuations continue as Isaac is downgraded to tropical depression

08/30 NOAA selects University of Colorado-Boulder to lead Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

08/30 Clean water or green water: How we produce our food is sliming our water

08/30 Arkansas rice farmers race against Isaac to harvest crop

08/29 Saving a little more energy with Exit signs

08/29 West nile deaths rise, but Isaac seen as unlikely to add to peril

08/29 Impoverished Americans face environmental health problems

08/28 17-year-old Jonny Cohen dreams of making school buses more efficient

08/28 Hurricane Isaac may stir up oil from BP spill

08/27 Rain from Isaac to help wheat, but not corn, soy

08/27 Meatless Monday: Greens for good

08/26 Intriguing habitats, and careful discussions of climate change

08/26 Gulf oil: Isaac forces companies to pull back production during storm

08/26 Southern California earthquakes: Imperial County, San Diego & Coachella Valley hit

08/26 Alaska pursuing unconventional shale oil development to fill its pipeline

08/26 In a small town hit by a storm, hope, despair and a mudfest

08/25 A bit of a wet patch in a dry year

08/25 The outbreak of West Nile disease

08/25 Big chem, big harm?

08/24 Feast your eyes on Iceland, save wind power jobs and more:

08/24 Congress must act on clean energy

08/24 The Climate Post: Federal court tosses EPA's 'Good Neighbor' pollution rule

08/24 Romney's energy plan ignores the success of solar and wind: View

08/23 Cycling along the Keystone pipeline: Brampton, N.D.

08/23 The Brown on Green Report: Is Paul Ryan My Clean Energy Buddy?

08/23 96 years of service

08/23 Food - it really does grow on trees

08/23 2008 Tennessee coal ash spill: Judge rules against Tennessee Valley Authority

08/23 Bats respond to global warming, more females

08/21 The key in exponential solar growth is virtual net metering - and solar companies

08/21 In U.S., food is wasted from farm to fork

08/21 Massachusetts finalizes strict regulations on biomass plants

08/20 New committee will advise federal leaders on integrating ocean observation systems

08/20 Close to shore, humpbacks are far from safe

08/18 Ryan family companies hold stakes in energy business interests

08/17 Keystone XL pipeline crosses political boundaries in Nebraska and beyond

08/17 In Virginia, downhill skiing is no longer limited to winter

08/16 Don't waste the drought

08/16 West Nile hits hard around Dallas, with fear of its spread

08/16 In drought, a debate over quota for ethanol

08/15 Underwater noise decreases whale communications in Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary

08/14 Record-breaking python found in Everglades with 87 eggs inside

08/14 Environmentalists ask U.S. to classify great white sharks off West Coast as endangered

08/14 Forest Service chief on managing 193 million acres of national forest

08/14 Exporting water in a drought

08/13 What to do in case of a brownout

08/13 Salazar plan puts half of Alaska petroleum reserve off-limits to drilling

08/13 Cracking down on diesel

08/11 Climate change and Paul Ryan: Romney's VP pick irks environmentalists

08/11 Summer's record heat, drought point to longer-term climate issues

08/10 Big drop in air pollution reported for Md. power plants

08/10 The nun who broke into the nuclear sanctum

08/10 Drought forces reductions in U.S. crop forecasts

08/10 West Nile viris found in Maryland resident

08/09 Shark fin soup made with imperiled species, new analysis finds

08/09 The search for energy takes a turn underwater

08/09 E-mails about clean energy loans provide new details on White House involvement

08/08 What cornfields show, data now confirm: July set mark as U.S.'s hottest month

08/08 Offshore use of vertical-axis wind turbines gets closer look

08/07  Wind and solar developers get access to U.S. land used by Pentagon

08/06 Who grows our food: Chris Nielson, Winterhaven Ranch

08/05 Midwest heat wave 2012: Thousands of fish die in hot weather

08/05 Alaskan Arctic villages hit hard by climate change

08/05 Fairground and health officials urge caution around animals this season

08/05 Abe Connally, Josie Moores discuss life off the grid

08/04 Fairs, like crops, are drooping with the heat

08/04 Plan to speed travel with toll road in Maine hits a nerve

08/04 Letting the cloud watch over the farm

08/04 Climate change study ties recent heat waves to global warming

08/03 Dramatic photos of Glacier National Park then and now show climate change Congress denies

08/03 Greenspiration: The innovative ways that companies are making textile recycling fun

08/03 Drought dries up stretch of Platte River, slows barges on lower Mississippi

08/03 New report follows money trail behind attacks on clean energy

08/03 On environmental issues, 'Wall Street Journal' (repeatedly) gets it wrong

08/03 Oklahoma Wildfire 2012: Wind-whipped fires destroy homes (Photos)

08/03 Where is Grover Norquist when we really need him?

08/03 Number of farmers markets in U.S. surges (Photos)

08/02 U.S. Senate Finance Committee passes PTC extension plan

08/02 Transportation innovation can reduce America's oil dependence

08/02 First Solar profit surges 81% on shift to sales of power plants

08/01 NOAA, partners: Earth's oceans and ecosystems still absorbing about half the greenhouse gases emitted by people


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world World News

08/31 Russia rejects grain export limits as harvest outlook cut

08/31 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off Philippines

08/31 Spineless creatures under threat, from worms to bees: Study

08/31 Arctic sea ice - a clear warning

08/30 New 'Rust-Tracker' to monitor deadly wheat fungus in 27 nations

08/30 U.N. nuke agency: Iran 'significantly' hampers probe

08/30 Clouds align for good start to Brazil's 2013 coffee crop

08/30 'Penis head fish', Phallostethus Cuulong, discovered in Mekong Delta

08/30 Argentina, Indonesia accused of dumping biodiesel in EU

08/29 Breeding penguins vanishing from Antarctic island

08/29 Argentines plan to shoot gulls to save the whales

08/29 No more sneezing: Allergen-free houseplants

08/29 Antarctic may host methane stores

08/29 Animal poaching movie: Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, and Tom Hardy to produce film

08/29 Peru's Conga Gold Mine Project opposed by local farmers

08/28 10 rapidly vanishing environmental wonders

08/27 El Salvador earthquake 2012: 7.4 magnitude temblor strikes in Pacific Ocean

08/27 Green energy to hit Germans' bills: Vattenfall

08/27 U.N. body urges G20 action on food prices, waste

08/26 Egypt's garbage crisis bedevils Morsi

08/26 Fires still burning in aftermath of deadly Venezuela blast

08/26 Hurricane Isaac 2012: Death toll in Haiti rises to 10

08/26 Saudi oil producer's computers restored after virus attack

08/25 Amuay Venezuela oil refinery explosion kills at least 39

08/24 Plastic: Durable, disposable... and deadly for sea life

08/24 Renewable energy as solution and responsibility

08/24 Greenpeace activists storm Russia's Prirazlomnaya oil platform

08/23 Germany's ten point energy plan

08/22 Researchers identify gene that improves rice yields in poor soils

08/21 Asia Report: U.S. accused of killing India's solar energy industry

08/21 U.K.'s $39 billion Severn Tidal Power seeks sovereign investors

08/16 U.S. reliance on oil from Saudi Arabia is growing again

08/15 Mutant butterflies found after Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan

08/14 Record number of manatees seen in Belize

08/14 Climate change: Countries that may be hit hardest

08/14 First study reports very low internal radioactivity after Fukushima disaster

08/14 Grandmas grow gold in Swaziland

08/14 Melting arctic ice observed by ESA satellite raises concerns

08/13 Climate models that predict more droughts win further scientific support

08/10 In Japan, energy saving takes its toll

08/10 Iraq's oil output overtakes Iran's

08/09 4 decades on, U.S. starts cleanup of Agent Orange in Vietnam

08/08 Profits on carbon credits drive output of a harmful gas

08/08 Assessing the Nova Scotia RFP and the future of wind power in Atlantic Canada

08/08 Book details Soviet plans to wage germ warfare with lethal 'designer' strains

08/08 Poland moving to feed-in tariffs

08/06 Japan nuclear disaster: Videos from Fukushima crisis released by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

08/06 China: Mudslide, flooding trap 500 (Video)

08/06 NGOs urge Obama not to undermine ICAO efforts

08/06 Study finds more of Earth is hotter and says global warming is at work

08/06 Where streets are thronged with strays bearing fangs

08/05 On Clinton trip, Uganda and Malawi offer opposite lessons for AIDS in Africa

08/05 Ocean acidification could disrupt marine food chains

08/05 Insight: A year on, Nigeria's oil still poisons Ogoniland

08/04 North Korea floods kill 170, leave hundreds of thousands displaced

08/04 Sunlight goes to waste: India's grid failure

08/03 Brazil backslides on protecting the Amazon

08/03 When it comes to Greenland's glaciers precedence doesn't matter

08/03 Petermann Glacier's giant iceberg is heading to sea (Photo)

08/03 Bat virus offers insight into deadly Nipah, Hendra

08/02 One reason behind India's blackout: World Bank policies and neoliberalism

08/02 A buying opportunity in farms, food

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