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News Archive - April, 2013

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04/30 NKU's Center for Applied Ecology turns back time and restores streams, forests, wetlands

04/26 Apply now for your best chance at a Kentucky elk hunt; permits exceed 1,000 this year

04/26 UK Students to Present Sustainability Research at NSF Showcase

04/25 Bluegrass PRIDE: 25 Earth-friendly acts help make this 'Earth Day Birthday' really special

04/24 Tobacco is still hanging in as viable Kentucky crop; state still largest burley producer in U.S. 

04/23 State, forestry extension partner to educate, preserve and increase Kentucky hardwoods 

04/16 Kick Butts Day Brings Attention to Tobacco use and Its Impact

04/09 Joe Craft to Speak on Kentucky's Energy Future

04/04 City arborists receive state froestry grant to rid local ash tree of emerald ash borer pest

04/04 Earth Weekend at Land Between the Lakes gives families three fun outdoor activities

04/04 Lexington Parks and Recreation publish outdoor 2013 Fun Guide online for first time

04/04 Northern Ky. soon to see Champion Food Volunteers demonstrate nutrition, food safety

04/04 Bluegrass PRIDE: Chickens do more than lay eggs; they till soil, eat bugs, fertilize yard too

04/04 Tom Block: Time to take up our national challenge to develop coherent energy policy

04/01 Former S. Carolina congressman discusses work on conservative fixes to climate change

04/01 When mother abandoned baby gorilla, Sayler's faux furs in Covington saved the day


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USA U.S. News


04/29 'Cured of AIDS'? Not Yet

04/26 NREL Teams with Navy to Cut Energy Use

04/25 In Two-Way Charging, Electric Cars Begin to Earn Money from the Grid

04/25 Climate Change is in the Air

04/25 US Senators Re-Introduce MLP Act to Level Playing Field for Renewable Energy

04/24 Anonymous Donors Fund Solar Projects Across the U.S.

04/24 DOE Selects Four Pilot Projects for Military Drop-in Biofuels Development

04/23 U.S. States Turning Against Renewable Portfolio Standards as Gas Plunges

04/22 Grave Concerns: Would You Choose a Green Burial?

04/22 Google Calls for More Renewable Energy Purchasing Options, Supports Duke’s Energy Proposal

04/22 Craziest Environmental Ideas (That Could Work!): Photos

04/21 Water Rights Tear at an Indian Reservation

04/20 Turning Toward the Sun

04/18 The Greenest Organizations in the US: Who Uses the Most Renewable Energy?

04/16 Utilities Across the US Embracing Solar Energy

04/15 Breathing Life Into US Geothermal: First EGS Project Feeding Power to Grid

04/15 Relief for a Parched Delta

04/15 Obama Budget Proposal Calls for Nearly $1B in Clean Energy Spending

04/12 Badass Fish eats Puffins

04/11 Shared Solar in the US: Do you Pre-Qualify?

04/10 Biomass in the US: Finding our Carrot and Stick

04/09 Americans Want More Emphasis on Solar, Wind, Natural Gas

04/09 Utility "Gets Ready" for More Local Energy in Hawaii

04/08 Back to Basics Video: What is Geothermal Energy Anyway?

04/08 Top Wacky Wind Turbines: Photos

04/08 Rebuilding the Shores, Increasing the Risks

04/08 Opportunities Forsaken: The Iraq War and Renewable Energy

04/08 4 Tactics for Converting Residential Solar Website Visitors

04/08 Tracking the Price of U.S. Grid-connected PV

04/05 The Limits of renewable Energy: A Call for Research and Development

04/04 BrightSource Shelves Another Major CSP Project

04/03 GE's New "Brilliant" Wind Turbine Put to the Test

04/03 The Cicadas are Coming ... Hungry?

04/02 Sandbag Season Has Fargo Thinking of a Better Way

04/01 Horse Branding Under Fire

04/01 Climate Maverick to Retire from NASA

04/01 Gov. Cuomo's NY-Sun Competitive Solar Program Off to a Bright Start


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world World News

04/29 Flow of Tainted Water is Latest Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant

04/29 Kenyan Island to Fight Malaria Using Solar Power

04/26 Bangladeshis Burn Factories to Protest Unsafe Conditions

04/25 What if We Lost Our Moon?

04/24 South Africa Metalworkers to Invest 1 Billion Rand in Renewables

04/23 Energy for All by 2030: Time to Act

04/22 How Habitable Are Kepler’s New Worlds?

04/22 In China, Breathing Becomes a Childhood Risk

04/22 Renewables Investment Seen Tripling Amid Supply Glut

04/22 Saudi Arabia Looks to NREL for Solar Monitoring Expertise

04/18 Germany to Support Solar Energy Storage with New Subsidy

04/18 India’s prime Minister Vows to Double Renewable Energy Capacity

04/17 Brain in a Dish Controls Power Grid

04/17 Global Wind Power Capacity Increased 19 Percent in 2012

04/15 Iceland First in Europe to Sign Free Trade Pact with China, Offers Geothermal Expertise

04/11 Incoming! Sun Erupts with Huge Flare, Launches CME

04/11 New Turbine Technology: Key Players On- and Offshore

04/11 Think the Planet Isn't Warming? Check the Ocean

04/10 Dark Lightning Zaps Airline Passengers

04/09 Poland Plans to Cut Subsidy for Renewables as Deficit Grows

04/08 Intraterrestrials: Mars Life May Hide Deep Below

04/05 France Geothermal Energy Debate: When is Fracking not Fracking?

04/05 China Escalates Its Response to Outbreak of Avian Flu

04/03 Shaping a New Earth on Mars

04/03 Why Africa is Missing the Solar Power Boat

04/02 To Keep Wind Competitive, Manufacturing Ups Its Game

04/02 The Deadliest Volcano Ever

04/01 Japan's Marubeni Taps Geothermal Power as Nuclear Alternative

04/01 Latin America Report: Weighing Brazil's Domestic Content Provision for Wind Power

04/01 Powering World with Nuclear Would Cost Quadrillion Dollars, Says Expert - Are Renewables Only Option?

04/01 Amazon Rainforest Up for Auction


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