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kentuckyKentucky News

04/30 Health Department's annual rabies clinic will provide low-cost vaccinations May 3

04/30 Lexington Humane Society's annual Mutt Strutt race will be at Keeneland on May 12

04/27 Destructive emerald ash borers emerge early, tree owners advised to be on lookout for signs

04/27 American Horse Council reports child labor rule for work on farms will be withdrawn

04/27 Seedleaf will hold SoupsOn! event May 3

04/25 UK College of Ag reasearchers find new disease could impact future crop years

04/25 Famed cherry blossoms to find their Kentucky home on campus

04/25 Equine camping sites open at Greenbo Lake, park offers horse riding trails, hitching posts

04/23 Great American Cleanup event targets Lexington's polluted Wolf Run Stream

04/23 UK College of Ag, with aid from sponsors, plans Arbor Day celebration at Arboretum

04/23 Sustainability grants awarded to local groups

04/20 UK Design presents plan for Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant at national meeting

04/19 Restaurant cuts landfill waste by participating in Live Green Lexington Partners program

04/18 Amy Sohner: Get outside and get your hands dirty through community volunteer work

04/18 Lexington to showcase nature, trees with Arbor Day celebration at the Arboretum

04/17 Christine Luken: Here are 20 simple ways to help Mother Earth AND your wallet

04/16 Masterson Station Park 'Spring Cleaning' planned during Great American Cleanup

04/16 New state apiarist appointed by Comer, will work closely with Kentucky beekeepers

04/13 Kentucky Senate recognizes Kentucky Nonprofit Week

04/13 Popular Farmer's 'MarCat' returns to campus

04/12 UK research named one of top chemistry advances in 2011

04/11 Former President Clinton to celebrate Earth Day April 23 with thousands of local students

04/11 Program plants seeds of good nutrition among teen moms at Family Care Center

04/11 Nature photography weekend is on agenda at Cumberland Falls state park April 20-22

04/11 UK landscape architecture collaboration to plan public green space

04/11 UK student recognized by Udall Foundation

04/10 Earth Days in the Bluegrass offers events for cyclists

04/09 Kentucky small grain growers endow UK research

04/09 Conference to help educators implement math, science standards

04/05 Legacy trail selected for 2012 Reforest the Bluegrass

04/05 UK's Danielle Clore chosen for Leadership Kentucky

04/05 UK students prepare for international exhibit in the Netherlands

04/05 Thomashow discusses sustainable campus

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USA U.S. News

04/30 Female panda recovering after artificial insemination

04/30 Wind farms might have warming effect, study finds

04/30 Bomb-sniffing dogs enlisted to stem Florida python invasion

04/30 Exxon Mobile shuts Louisiana oil pipeline after leak

04/27 NOAA releases final management plan for Flower Garden Banks Sanctuary

04/27 Should I buy an electric car?

04/27 NOAA: Global ocean drifter deployed off of South Florida

04/26 Mad cow raises the issue of tracking livestock

04/26 Rise in Asian Tiger shrimp sightings prompts scientific look at invasion concerns

04/25 Dow corn, resistant to a weed killer, runs into opposition

04/25 A place for old chickens, outside the pot

04/25 Analysis: U.S. mad cow find: Lucky break or triumph of science?

04/25 Tribal lands; An emerging market for renewable energy development

04/24 Engineer arrested in BP oil spill case

04/24 Analysis: Dow's new corn: 'Time bomb' or farmers' dream?

04/23 Sustainability marketing needs 'Here's How', not 'Just Say No'

04/23 Green Festival 2012: Fostering community and sustainability in New York City and beyond

04/23 Spring NASA photos: Satellite images seen from space

04/23 San Onofre power plant plans to go back online

04/23 Shrimp processors object to BP oil spill pact

04/23 Common environmental contaminant, cadmuim, linked to rapid breast cancer cell growth

04/22 $60 light bulb comes down in price - just in time for Earth Day

04/22 Earth Day events: From condoms to National Mall concert

04/19 The pending subsidy cliff, and the way out

04/19 Two years after BP oil spill, offshore drilling still poses risks

04/18 Farm group seeks U.S. halt on "dangerous" crop chemicals

04/16 "Pink slime" controversy stokes clash over agriculture

04/16 Fence is behind an explosion of life in a wild corner of Hawaiii

04/16 Maryland: A dead snakehead is a good snakehead

04/16 Iconic chestnut trees poised for possible comeback

04/15 Farming aquarium species to save them

04/13 Tufts University geology professor's new energy source gaining steam

04/13 Tennessee teacher law could boost creationism, climate denial

04/13 Florida seeks to delay approval of BP settlement

04/13 Obama streamlines oversight of shale gas

04/12 Brightsource will not go public after all

04/11 Geothermal industry report shows growth, potential and frustration

04/10 Solar industry sees more VC deals, but total investment is down

04/09 Maryland set to become first state to ban arsenic in chicken feed

04/09 A fragile tourist attraction on the ocean floor

04/09 Energy-hungry Earth sees a solution in space

04/08 Drought, cholera kill 10,000 birds at vital refuge

04/07 New rules seek to prevent invasive stowaways

04/07 Despite deadly fungus, frog imports continue

04/06 Polar bears have syptoms of mystery disease: U.S. agency

04/06 Alabama protects wild turtles from voracious Asian markets

04/06 Lovelorn wolf back on the hunt in California

04/02 Louisiana seismic testing stopped after dead, sick dolphins found

04/02 Government approves 20 firms to make ethanol for E15

04/02 Government drops water pollution charges against Range

04/02 Analysis: Young U.S. farmers coax crops from conservation lands

04/01 Shark fin ban gathers steam in Maryland and beyond

04/01 Little fish are most valuable when left in the sea, researchers say

04/01 Maryland's winds can blow money ashore

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world World News

04/30 Plastic-powered plane aims to soar across England

04/30 Clouds' effect on climate change is last bastion for dissenters

04/30 Shell, Iogen scrap plans for Canada biofuel plant

04/30 Chile court suspends Goldcorp $3.9 billion El Morro project

04/26 Seizure of Repsol affiliate in Argentina stuns oil markets

04/24 Unlocking the gigawatts of geothermal power in Kenya

04/24 China's electric car leadership dreams seem elusive

04/24 Greenpeace says finds tainted Lipton tea bags in China

04/23 Global warning: Changes we can already see in the world

04/23 'Gaia' scientist James Lovelock: I was 'alarmist' about climate change

04/23 All-white killer whale spotted off Russia's east coast

04/23 Peru says Newmont shows will to improve gold project

04/23 Arctic Ocean may open to regular shipping by 2017

04/23 Trebs oil field: Thousands of tons of oil spill from Russian field developed by Lukoil and Bashneft

04/20 Insight: U.S. barnyards help China super-size food production

04/18 The toxic chemicals that lurk in unfinished wood floors

04/16 Russian woman honored in fight to save forest

04/13 Penguin empire from space seen as double the size

04/13 Brazil shifts court for Chevron spill cases

04/13 Canada unveils heavy-vehicle emissions rules

04/12 Greece, Italy see solar as path to economic stability

04/12 Five more winners of the clean energy race

04/12 Rural Africa looks beyond the grid

04/12 Wind energy gathers at crucial juncture

04/11 EU CO2 law could scupper global climate talks

04/08 Emergence of Artemisinin resistance on Thai-Myanmar border raises spectre of untreatable malaria

04/08 Evolution at sea: Long-term experiments indicate phytoplankton can adapt to ocean acidification

04/08 China sets up rare earth body to shake up industry

04/07 The other Arab Spring

04/07 Wind farm plan for 'Wuthering Heights' region riles Bronte fans

04/06 Total to go ahead on work to cap leaking gas well

04/05 Solar moves into CPV's 'sweet spot'

04/02 Ocean warming began 135 years ago, study suggests

04/02 'The island president': Mohamed Nasheed, former Maldives leader, battles climate change

04/02 Total's battle to plug gas leak hit by rough seas

04/02 EU energy savings plan too weak: Green campaigners


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