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kentuckyKentucky News


11/30 'Who does that?': Through energy project, UK slashes costs, carbon dioxide output

11/29 UK Ag Equine Programs to host equine showcase, breeders' short course

11/29 'UK at the Half' highlights College of Ag's role in assisting Kentucky beef industry

11/29 Locust Trace FFA, 4-H, Kentucky Proud benefit from farm license-plate donations

11/29 Allylix project awarded Energy Department grant to develop technology solutions

11/29 Bluegrass PRIDE: Politics, religion considered taboo dinner topics, but what about recycling?

11/28 Comer says Christian County sheriff's support a boost to Kentucky hemp legalization effort

11/28 Fayette Heating and Air to donate new furnaces during sixth year of 'The Gift of Heat'

11/28 Dunbar High School senior Jessi Li a regional finalist in Seimens research competition

11/28 Facilities VP receives international award

11/27 Manage grain bins to maintain quality, profit

11/26 Kentucky counties hit by March tornadoes will receive assistance from FEMA grant

11/26 Good Eats; Don't be fooled by labels; check ingredients to see what's really in your food

11/26 College of Arts and Sciences' podcast features Physics of Energy course

11/26 LG&E, KU offering rebates ranging from $50-$300 on Energy Star appliance purchases

11/26 Mark Rucker on getting fit: Skip 'dreadmill' and take a run outside, even in cold weather

11/23 Future is in the water, literally, as Madison County 5th graders turn creek into classroom

11/23 Several Kentucky State Park campgrounds remain open through winter months

11/22 Make holiday memories by cutting your own Christmas tree at a Kentucky farm near you

11/21 Bluegrass PRIDE: Free of modern diversions, mountain cabin provides peace among nature

11/20 Researchers among those honored for soybean rust work

11/20 Industrial hemp advocates want Kentucky back in lead as industry sees resurgence

11/20 Health Department offers food handling, preparation tips to ensure safe holiday meals

11/19 Good Eats: With so many 'healthy options' out there, why are we in such poor health?

11/16 UK's tobacco-free campus initiative a role model for the nation

11/16 UK student is first Kentucky woman named National FFA officer

11/15 UK graduate opens College Hunk Hauling Junk franchise in Lexington; second in state

11/15 Rand Paul PAC, David Bronner give $100,000 to Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission

11/15 Bluegrass PRIDE: Much to be thankful for in 2012 - family, pets, environmental awareness

11/14 UK celebrates third anniversary as a tobaco-free campus

11/14 UK professor leads water research project for Egyptian & Moroccan students

11/13 University of Kentucky specialists reach out to assist farmers in EL Salvador, Lebanon

11/13 Extension agents lead efforts to bring farm to school

11/12 National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week observed at UK

11/12 Campbellsville students raise homelessness awareness through Cardboard Nation event

11/12 Upcoming holidays will impact some trash, recycling collection schedules

11/12 Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission will hold meeting after years of dormancy

11/12 Recycle leftover Thanksgiving cooking oil for free at third annual Gobble Grease Toss

11/12 Local incentives draw five technology-based companies to Lexington, officials announce

11/09 UK champions land grant vision, research, promise in global context

11/09 Garrison's Lennox Ranch earns certification as Animal Welfare Approved for sheep

11/09 Food, candlelight tours, entertainment and more highlight holidays at Ky. State Parks

11/09 Windstream hosts Go Green and Stream effort during National Recycle Week

11/08 UK College of Agriculture to celebrate land-grant research

11/08 UK Superfund Research Program gets three patents licensed for water applications

11/08 NKU environmental programs extended through November at Boone County Parks

11/07 UK Precision Dairy showcase will highlight new technologies

11/07 'Noche de Ciencias' promotes STEM activities, college route for young Hispanic students

11/07 Auction items added to UK telethon to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy

11/07 Conferences focus on agriculture's future, need to cultivate next generation of producers

11/07 Kentucky American Water offers tips to keep pipes from freezing, breaking during winter

11/07 Thoroughbred worker health and safety practices to be studied

11/06 Steve Flairty's Everyday Heroes: The Begley's teach 'naturally' at Pine Mountain Settlement

11/06 Kevin Moore on Insurance: Understanding motives of deer hunting and how to be safe

11/06 Celebrate America Recycles Day with paper shred event, online pledge to do more

11/05 Lexington makes final 20 in contest for Bloomberg $9 million challenge

11/05 Locust Trace students raise hens, broilers then share their bounty with God's Pantry

11/02 The making of Mill Ridge: Thoroughbred farm in Lexington celebrating 50th anniversary

11/02 UK student joins 'big players' in UN biodiversity convention

11/02 JSH's KY: Six exciting Kentucky caves most people probably haven't seen

11/01 Lower projected natural gas costs for winter 2012-2013 electric heat bills likely to rise

11/01 UK Ag Equine Programs to host Olympian Reed Kessler

11/01 Graduate Student receives NIEHS Award


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USA U.S. News

11/30 Solar industry borrows a page, and a party, from Tupperware

11/30 Supreme Court to look at a gene issue

11/30 U.S. launches new project to develop electric vehicle batteries

11/30 AAA calls for suspension of E15 gasoline sales

11/30 Lawmakers cry 'fowl' over move to help lesser prairie chicken

11/30 Strandings of endangered sea turtles on rise in Massachusetts

11/30 Dispersant makes oil from spills 52 times more toxic

11/30 San Diego approves pact for desalinated water

11/30 Seeking to start a Silicon Valley for battery science

11/30 Brought in ballast, aggressive seaweed spreads along East Coast

11/29 Mike Bishop, Texas landowner, sues state agency over Keystone Pipeline

11/29 Lenape Resources lawsuit challenges Avon, New York gas drilling moratorium

11/29 My toxic couch

11/29 Demolition of house begins at former chemical weapons site in D.C.

11/29 Fight over ferry on Lake Michigan prompts questions on definitions of earmarks

11/29 San Onofre nuclear plant investigaing possible sabotage of safety system

11/29 Sewage flows after storm expose flaws in system

11/29 Superstorm Sandy deaths, damage and magnitude: What we know one month later

11/29 Congress assesses Sandy damage amid appeals for disaster relief

11/29 Busy 2012 hurricane season continues decades-long high activity era in the Atlantic

11/29 2012 drought will probably last through winter in the midwest, says U.S. Monitor

11/29 Thriving on a sinking landscape

11/29 Susan Rice, Secretary of State candidate, reportedly has financial stake in Canadian tar sands

11/28 Sunland: FDA didn't warn of peanut butter recall-related suspension

11/28 Expiration of wind tax credit kills jobs, senators say

11/28 BP suspended by EPA from new contracts with federal government

11/28 Welcome the Negawatt Revolution

11/28 David Craig Hughart, charged Massey Energy exec, cooperating in West Virginia mine blast probe

11/28 Top 5 weather and climate challenges facing White House

11/28 End of the line for an oyster farm

11/28 Dec. 4 webinar explores the community engagement process

11/28 Post-storm cost may force many from coast life

11/26 After drought, reducing water flow could hurt Mississippi River transport

11/26 Enclaves, long gated, seek to let in storm aid

11/26 Cuomo, in aid appeal, cites broad reach of storm

11/26 Looking to cities, in search of global warming's silver lining

11/25 Outdoors bill angers some environmentalists

11/24 California cove blessed with nature's beauty reels from its stench

11/22 Day to reflect after bearing storm's wrath

11/22 Effort to curb coolant falters, sometimes at home

11/22 For Rockaway residents, Thanksgiving Parade is a welcome respite

11/21 Jailed and jailers pitch in help after storm

11/21 Oil prices stay steady despite Mideast conflict

11/21 With many trains damaged, N.J. transit is criticized over where it stored them

11/19 Making steam without boiling water, thanks to nanoparticles

11/19 Solar companies seek ways to build an oasis of electricity

11/19 Storm prompts New York City's schools to cancel 3 days off

11/19 Storm victims, in cleanup, face rise in injuries and illness

11/19 Holding back floodwaters with a balloon

11/19 After saving Fire Island, line of defense is lost to the sea

11/18 Sandy's damage to wildlife refuges adds to questions about federal spending

11/17 Gas boom county strives for economic afterglow

11/17 Counting the days till marijuana's legal

11/16 Clash over future of wood from the storm-torn Rockaway boardwalk

11/16 BP supervisors are 'scapegoats', defense says

11/16 BP settlement a boon to conservation group

11/16 A U.S. energy renaissance

11/15 California takes big step in limiting greenhouse gases

11/15 Top-ten products for 2013 take the long view on resilience and durability

11/15 Comparing fuel costs

11/14 As U.S. hesitates, California pours billions into green energy

11/14 Weather data from nation's largest wind farms could improve U.S. models, forecasts

11/14 In Sandy's wake, recovery remains a frustrating fight

11/14 Wild horses buyer being investigated by Colorado, federal agency BLM

11/14 GM plans to build 500,000 electric-technology vehicles a year

11/14 Google gives USGBC $3 million for healthy building materials research

11/14 Obama sees second-term focus on climate change

11/13 Council speaker urges stormproofing as the civic conversation shifts

11/13 Governors urge Congress to renew wind energy production tax credit

11/13 Climate change and solar solutions: A Hurricane Sandy (ongoing) experience

11/13 The problem is clear: The water is filthy

11/12 Flood insurance, already fragile, faces new stress

11/12 Cold, dark and damp, pockets of misery persist two weeks later

11/12 Surviving in the Rockaways

11/12 To birds, storm survival is only natural

11/12 Cuomo to seek $30 billion in aid for storm relief

11/11 Storm inflicted a beating on city trees

11/11 Opposition threatens Chesapeake bay cleanup plan

11/09 Kior opens wood-to-fuel plant as biofuel companies seek scale

11/09 This winter's weather: What's to come

11/08 In the post-Solyndra era, still some big bets left for cleantech

11/08 Election notes: Some renewable energy tidbits you may have overlooked

11/07 Renewable energy industry weighs in on Obama victory

11/06 Hurricane Sandy aftermath  Pictures of the day

11/05 Climate policy advances in the states, but slowly

11/03 Techbits: Be prepared for the next natural disaster with a useful app from FEMA

11/03 Fractured recovery divides the region

11/02 Crippled N.J. city is frozen in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath

11/01 As wolves' numbers rise, so does friction between guardians and hunters

11/01 Estimate of economic losses now up to $50 billion

11/01 Hurricane Sandy uncovers strength and simplicity of renewable energy systems

11/01 Gasoline runs short, adding woes to storm recovery

11/01 Bloomberg backs Obama, citing fallout from storm

11/01 Rescuing horses as industry bides its time

11/01 Staten Island was tragic epicenter of storm's casualties

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world World News

11/30 Britain on the 'Cusp of an Energy Renaissance'

11/30 Christiana Figueres, U.N. Climate Chief, says individuals need to 'assume responsibility' to address problem

11/30 Pledges to fight global warming inadequate, U.S. off track: study

11/30 EU climate fight hit by new record low carbon price

11/30 Science journal urged to retract Monsanto GM study

11/30 Canada rejects Cenovus gas project in Alberta

11/30 New view from inside Fukushima: Chaos and uncertainty

11/30 Agency seeks protection for 66 corals under the Endangered Species Act

11/29 Study gives new benchmark for how much ice is melting

11/29 Fight climate change like a German

11/29 MHI and SSE partner to bring cargo container battery storage to Orkney Islands power grid

11/29 Violent raid breaks up Myanmar mine protest

11/29 Climate change action: 'Every year counts' for emissions reductions, scientist explains

11/28 Can a jellyfish unlock the secret of immortality?

11/28 Belo Monte receives $10.8 billion BNDES loan

11/28 Hydro Tasmania in $2 billion bid to build Australia's largest wind farm

11/27 Sorry, vegans: Eating meat and cooking food is how humans got their big brains

11/27 U.N. says thawing permafrost to boost global warming

11/26 U.N. climate talks start in Doha

11/21 Oil prices stay steady despite Mideast conflict

11/18 In sign of growing clout, Brazil's corn helps hold up U.S. market

11/17 Already desperate, Haitian farmers are left hopeless after storm

11/15 BP will plead guilty and pay over $4 billion

11/14 Mangroves under threat from shrimp farms: U.N.

11/14 EU carbon market needs quick fix and deep reform - Commission

11/13 Italian town wins WWF award for wetland recovery LIFE project

11/13 Capacity control: How will China and Taiwan solar manufacturers survive post-tariffs?

11/12 The Asia Report: Australia lays out 2050 renewable energy vision

11/09 Devon caravan park fined for polluting stream with sewage

11/09 Tests find malaria vaccine useful

11/08 Mexico says marijuana legalization in U.S. could change anti-drug strategies

11/08 For Afghan troops, donkeys are the new helicopters

11/07 Pacific's Tokelau in world first solar switch

11/07 BREAKING: ITC makes unanimous decision on Chinese cell & modules

11/07 Vestas seeks 20 percent stake sale, to cut 3,000 more jobs

11/06 China initiates case against EU solar subsidies with the WTO

11/06 Renewable energy seems unlikely in near future: Minister

11/05 Asia Report: Panasonic freezes new investment in Malaysia PV manufacturing

11/05 Sun shines on old idea to make hydrogen

11/01 FERC takes aim at Wall Street


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