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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering   Entomology   Forestry   Landscape Architecture   Natural Resources and Environmental Science   Plant and Soil Science   Sustainable Agriculture
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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering works to develop sustainable systems for food, fiber, and renewable energy production and processing, while minimizing and mitigating the impact these systems have on the environment.    Entomology studies the molecular biology, physiology, and genetics of Insects, while also looking at the behavior, evolution, and insect-plant interactions, as well as focusing on the enviornmental and interspecies health impacts of pest management plans.     Foresty works to manage and provide sustainable use of the natural resources, such as wood, water, and wildlife, in the vast forests of Kentucky and the United States.    Landscape Architecture works to prepare students to create visually appealing spaces that are supportive of human endeavors while sustaining the vitality of rural and urban environments.    Natural Resources and Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the knowledge, experience, and skills needed for a career in environmental science, natural resource management, and related fields.   Plant and Soil Sciences convers several different topics, including Agricutlural Biotechnology, as well as the production and management of plants and soils for food, oil, forage, and fiber, as well as landscaping and recreational uses.   Sustainable Agriculture works to develop systems for food production that are environmentally, economically, and socially sound in terms of reducing soil erosion, chemical use, efficiency, and produce costs.