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December 2012

12/19 Two Fayette County STEM teachers receive INSPIRE: Lexmark's Teaching Award

12/13 Tim Thornberry: Even in challenging times, Kentucky agriculture scores a record year

12/12 Flu activity widespread in Kentucky, officials at Department of Public Health say

12/11 Lafayette junior takes first place in statewide Farm Bureau Youth contest

12/10 Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference to offer variety of speakers, discussion topics

12/05 Thirst Tour introduces UK to global water crisis

12/03 Leaders in education join together to mark launch of Kentucky's STEMx Network

12/02 Until biomass-for-fuels idea takes hold, other uses sought for crops like switchgrass 


November 2012

11/26 College of Arts and Sciences' podcast features Physics of Energy course

11/09 Windstream hosts Go Green and Stream effort during National Recycle Week

11/08 UK College of Agriculture to celebrate land-grant research

11/01 Graduate Student receives NIEHS Award


October 2012

10/31 UK brings energy research to Western Kentucky High School students

10/31 Power outages in eastern Kentucky drops to 3,068

10/25 UK students develop water innovation center designs

10/17 UK's John Anthony talks organic solar cells and transistors

10/16 Livestock producers should be aware of aflatoxin in corn grain, silage

10/10 Russell Cave, Winburn students explore intersection of art, science through project

10/04 UK Chemistry alumni set world record on realm of energy efficiency


September 2012

09/28 Bluegrass Pride: Take 'going green' to next level by keeping detergents out of the water

09/27 Spotted wing Drosophila found in south central Kentucky, can be harmful to fruits

09/20 UK Ag receives more than $500,000 to help beginning farmers

09/04 Alice Lloyd College receives electric car as donation from graduate, Johnson Industries

09/04 Division of Emergency Services asks public to take specific actions to 'Pledge to Prepare'


August 2012

08/31 World-renowned UK alumna, biodiversity expert named 2012 Mines Medalist

08/30 NKU awarded National Science Foundation grant to recruit, retain, STEM students

08/24 West Nile virus reported in one person in Henry County, 1,118 cases nationwide

08/17 Salmonella linked to Indiana canteloupe blamed for two deaths

08/16 UK opens Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Research Building

08/08 UK professor, Mars researcher to infuse Curiosity's findings in courses

08/02 August observed as National Immunization Awareness Month to help prevent disease


July 2012

07/27 GIS workshop strengthens community ties

07/19 UK students bring renewable energy technology to Africa

07/19 UK Ag's Headrick appointed to National Board

07/16 Isolated Kentucky fish populations suffering after recent record heat, extreme drought

07/12 UK among universities fighting world hunger

07/06 Drought creates different insect problems

07/05 Hot, dry weather's impact on horses


June 2012

06/29 Drinking water wells sought for groundwater study to test for E. coli, bacteria, caffeine

06/28 Hot, dry weather continues as corn begins pollination

06/27 Lexington Environmental Commission seeks nominations for 2012 awards, due August 25

06/26 Hot, dry weather is cause for concern, emergency livestock heat stress alert issued

06/20 UK's Gluck Center to host international conference on equine infectious diseases

06/06 STEM campus ready to use


May 2012

05/30 'Immersion' sculpture turns waterway trash into treasure at Bryan Station High School

05/29 NKU featured with WKU, UofL in Princeton Review's 'Guide to 322 Green Colleges'

05/21 Local schools earn recognition, $12,500 in awards for sustainability, conservation efforts

05/18 DOE highlights UK Design's plan for Paducah gasseous diffusion plant

05/07 UK students earn recognition for their work on Homegrown Kentucky, helping poorest


April 2012

04/27 Destructive emerald ash borers emerge early, tree owners advised to be on lookout for signs

04/27 American Horse Council reports child labor rule for work on farms will be withdrawn

04/23 Great American Cleanup event targets Lexington's polluted Wolf Run Stream

04/18 Lexington to showcase nature, trees with Arbor Day celebration at the Arboretum

04/11 UK student recognized by Udall Foundation

04/09 Kentucky small grain growers endow UK research

04/09 Conference to help educators implement math, science standards


March 2012

03/27 Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing established by UK Board

03/14 Three public schools named Kentucky Green Ribbon Schools by department of education

03/13 Scientific American article features UK bed bug research

03/09 University of Kentucky economists to discuss what to expect from the Farm Bill, ACRE


February 2012

02/23 Boone Forest turns 75

02/17 UK students get paid to study in Brazil

02/16 USDA official addresses new school meals nutrition standards at Kentucky school

02/13 NSF awards $1.3 million for science and engineering after school program

02/02 Targeting mosquito-borne illness in American Samoa


January 2012

01/31 UK to partner with Louisville, Ball State in 2013 Solar Decathlon

01/19 Energy hogs will become extinct

01/10 Kentucky livestock coalition announces 2012 leadership, continue consumer outreach

01/06 UK soil scientists increase yields for wheat farmers

01/03 UK's College of Agriculture leads statewide survey of all horse breeds


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USA U.S. News


December 2012

12/29 Early flu season could be severe, experts warn

12/27 Shipping lanes off Calif tweaked to protect whales

12/27 College turtle project takes dark twist

12/21 Engineered fish moves a step closer to approval

12/13 D.C. aims to create sustainable 'living building'

12/10 Drought and economy plague sheep farmers

12/08 'Famous' wolf is killed outside Yellowstone

12/08 With a natural gas tax, everyone can benefit

12/04 To stop climate change, students aim at college portfolios


November 2012

11/30 Supreme Court to look at a gene issue

11/29 Mike Bishop, Texas landowner, sues state agency over Keystone Pipeline

11/29 Superstorm Sandy deaths, damage and magnitude: What we know one month later

11/28 BP suspended by EPA from new contracts with federal government

11/26 After drought, reducing water flow could hurt Mississippi River transport

11/19 Holding back floodwaters with a balloon

11/12 To birds, storm survival is only natural

11/02 Crippled N.J. city is frozen in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath

11/01 As wolves' numbers rise, so does friction between guardians and hunters


October 2012

10/31 Making ground source geothermal a win-win resource for utilities and customers

10/31 Climate and cost concerns mount in wake of 'superstorm'

10/30 Hurricane Sandy spills sewage, triggers toxic troubles

10/30 Hurricane Sandy's path of destruction (Photos)

10/19 Baby walrus adapts to life in city

10/18 About 565,000 pounds of oiled material from Deepwater Horizon stirred up by Hurricane Isaac

10/18 Oklahoma dust storm shuts down portion of Interstate 35

10/18 Sea level rising faster than average in northeastern U.S.

10/13 A grand experiment to rein in climate change

10/09 Maryland students' water quality monitoring comes in anticipation of gas drilling

10/09 Whale deaths since 1970s mostly human-caused, study finds


September 2012

09/29 Pacific Great Whites inch closer to protection

09/29 Wynnewood, Oklahoma refinery explosion leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

09/27 Hanatavirus outbreak: Clues may lie in Yosemite workers' blood samples

09/25 From sea to shining sea: Greener airports across the nation

09/19 NOAA announces $4.5 million in environmental literacy grants to support K-12 science education and stewardship projects

09/18 Shrinking snow cover threatens seal lairs in Arctic

09/17 Shortfall in funding for solar training

09/17 Experimental 'net-zero' home makes as much energy as it uses

09/01 Tracking a subtle scent, a dog may help save the whales

09/01 In Louisiana, the water gives, and takes away


August 2012

08/31 Scientists test new marine robot hurricane-hunters

08/31 Cleaner cars, a safer planet

08/31 Yosemite hantavirus outbreak: Probe continues after 2 more deaths discovered

08/26 Southern California earthquakes: Imperial County, San Diego & Coachella Valley hit

08/26 Alaska pursuing unconventional shale oil development to fill its pipeline

08/21 In U.S., food is wasted from farm to fork

08/05 Midwest heat wave 2012: Thousands of fish die in hot weather

08/05 Alaskan Arctic villages hit hard by climate change

08/03 Number of farmers markets in U.S. surges (Photos)

08/02 U.S. Senate Finance Committee passes PTC extension plan


July 2012

07/26 Oil group files second lawsuit over EPA biofuel standards

07/25 Saving wood from the landfill, without the supply issues

07/23 With warming, peril underlies road to Alaska

07/12 Eco Etiquette: Can our cities save us?

07/12 Asian carp invasion: Research murky on danger of invasive species


June 2012

06/30 Drilling for gas under graves raises moral, money questions

06/29 National parks are feeling the pinch

06/28 Lack of spring snow primed Colorado wildfires

06/24 Event raises $200,000 to pay for National Arboretum interns

06/22 First major U.S. solar project approved on tribal land

06/14 Exxon reports leak at Louisiana plant

06/05 Inviting atomic catastrophe

06/04 Fire threatens portion of Sequoia National Forest


May 2012

05/29 More cool products from the AIA convention

05/24 NOAA expects 4 to 8 Atlantic hurricanes in 2012

05/20 Maryland set to ban arsenic-containing drug in chicken feed

05/17 Some U.S. fisheries rebounding

05/15 It's about greening all jobs, not green jobs

05/15 William Paterson Wins! Sustainability initiative boosts school pride

05/14 Hawaii's beaches are in retreat, and its way of life may follow

05/11 Study compares energy sources from 'cradle to grave'

05/11 Eastern rattlesnake slithers closer to U.S. endangered list

05/05 U.S. claims 'unprecedented' success in test for new fuel source


April 2012

04/30 Female panda recovering after artificial insemination

04/30 Wind farms might have warming effect, study finds

04/27 Should I buy an electric car?

04/27 NOAA: Global ocean drifter deployed off of South Florida

04/26 Mad cow raises the issue of tracking livestock

04/24 Engineer arrested in BP oil spill case

04/18 Farm group seeks U.S. halt on "dangerous" crop chemicals

04/16 Iconic chestnut trees poised for possible comeback

04/15 Farming aquarium species to save them

04/13 Obama streamlines oversight of shale gas

04/12 Brightsource will not go public after all

04/09 A fragile tourist attraction on the ocean floor

04/07 Despite deadly fungus, frog imports continue

04/06 Polar bears have syptoms of mystery disease: U.S. agency

04/01 Little fish are most valuable when left in the sea, researchers say

04/01 Maryland's winds can blow money ashore


March 2012

03/31 Uranium mines dot Navajo land, neglected and still perilous

03/30 FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging

03/23 Companies pick up used packaging, and recycling's cost

03/22 Three things you need to know about forests and climate change

03/14 President Obama launches EV-Everywhere challenge

03/09 Ohio earthquakes: Officials say tremors were 'almost certainly' caused by wastewater injection

03/02 US researchers build 'waste water generator'


February 2012

02/23 Obama proposes tax reform, making renewable credits permanent

02/22 Scientist Gleick admits tricking Heartland into giving him climate change docs

02/21 Apple tips plans for solar, biogas systems at NC data farm

02/09 As 'yuck factor' subsides, treated wastewater flows from taps

02/03 Super Bowl tackles climate change

02/01 Alert level raised as Alaska volcano forms lava dome


January 2012

01/31 Department of Energy releases new online renewable energies map

01/25 One leader, lots of consolidation as CIGS market emerges

01/25 Obama: Sticking to “promise of clean energy”

01/19 NOAA: 2011 a year of climate extremes in the United States

01/17 Nearly 7 million bats may have died from white-nose fungus, officials say

01/05 Toxic releases rose 16 percent in 2010, EPA says


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world World News

December 2012

12/29 Dan Gertler earns billions as mine deals fail to enrich Congo

12/28 A record worth wilting for: DeathValley is hotter than...

12/24 West Antarctica warming in triple time

12/20 Worms beat beef as sustainable protein

12/07 Strong earthquake shakes northeastern Japan, tsunami warning issued

12/07 Greenland passes mining projects bill, opens for cheap labor

12/04 Birds use butts in nests to deter parasites


November 2012

11/30 Britain on the 'Cusp of an Energy Renaissance'

11/29 Climate change action: 'Every year counts' for emissions reductions, scientist explains

11/27 U.N. says thawing permafrost to boost global warming

11/26 U.N. climate talks start in Doha

11/09 Tests find malaria vaccine useful

11/05 Asia Report: Panasonic freezes new investment in Malaysia PV manufacturing

11/05 Sun shines on old idea to make hydrogen


October 2012

10/31 Global business forum warned of 'carbon bubble'

10/29 New U.N. atlas links climate change, health

10/28 Tsunami hits Hawaii after Canada earthquake

10/20 In Japan, need of fossil fuels pushes climate-change targets to back seat

10/17 South Africa rhino poaching leads to 455 dead so far in 2012

10/09 Saving the Arctic ice: Greenpeace, green washing and geoengineering (#1)

10/09 Scottish marine renewable energy: A new wave of development


September 2012

09/30 U.S. natural gas boom could threaten Russia's grip on European market

09/30 Typhoon Jelawat injures dozens as it heads to Tokyo

09/18 Race is on as ice melt reveals Arctic treasures

09/05 Emu underpass plan to save threatened Australian bird

09/04 Climate threat to world's poor is underestimated: Oxfam

09/03 Former NASA engineer designs app to chart water quality


August 2012

08/31 Russia rejects grain export limits as harvest outlook cut

08/31 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off Philippines

08/29 Breeding penguins vanishing from Antarctic island

08/28 10 rapidly vanishing environmental wonders

08/27 El Salvador earthquake 2012: 7.4 magnitude temblor strikes in Pacific Ocean

08/27 Green energy to hit Germans' bills: Vattenfall

08/15 Mutant butterflies found after Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan

08/14 Record number of manatees seen in Belize

08/08 Book details Soviet plans to wage germ warfare with lethal 'designer' strains

08/04 North Korea floods kill 170, leave hundreds of thousands displaced

08/04 Sunlight goes to waste: India's grid failure


July 2012

07/31 Solar philanthropy: Five groups using solar to end energy poverty

07/31 Expanded cork: The greenest insulation material?

07/22 Bacteria outbreak in northern Europe due to ocean warming, study says

07/21 Japan probes under-reporting of Fukushima radiation dosage

07/12 Giant, red roaches invade Italy

07/11 Tsunami debris adds to 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'

07/02 New Zealand extends carbon trade rules untill 2015

07/01 India monsoon floods kill 81


June 2012

06/25 Fears accompany fishermen in Japanese disaster region

06/19 Prince William hits out at rhino poachers

06/19 Red List counts 'on the brink' species

06/14 Single-track sustainability 'solutions' threaten people and planet, experts say

06/14 China, Denmark to boost green tech trade

06/14 EU Commission to set tougher CO2 standards for vans

06/06 Scientists warn geoengineering may disrupt rainfall


May 2012

05/24 Elephant tusks seized in Sri Lanka came from Kenya

05/22 Should we turn off the lights?

05/17 Small island nations banding together for hydroelectric, renewable power development\

05/15 Arctic seabirds adapt to climate change

05/05 Peru examines deaths of more than 500 pelicans

05/05 Tomari shutdown leaves Japan without nuclear power

05/04 'Made in space' coming soon to a product near you

05/02 Exclusive: Shale causes rise in waste gas pollution

05/01 Mexico legislation underlines transformation in global warming debate


April 2012

04/30 Plastic-powered plane aims to soar across England

04/24 Unlocking the gigawatts of geothermal power in Kenya

04/23 All-white killer whale spotted off Russia's east coast

04/20 Insight: U.S. barnyards help China super-size food production

04/13 Penguin empire from space seen as double the size

04/12 Wind energy gathers at crucial juncture

04/11 EU CO2 law could scupper global climate talks

04/08 Emergence of Artemisinin resistance on Thai-Myanmar border raises spectre of untreatable malaria

04/08 Evolution at sea: Long-term experiments indicate phytoplankton can adapt to ocean acidification

04/05 Solar moves into CPV's 'sweet spot'

04/02 Ocean warming began 135 years ago, study suggests


March 2012

03/31 In Haiti, global failures on a cholera epidemic

03/30 Extreme weather threatens rich ecosystems

03/08 Green car fan Arnie urges stronger push for low emissions

03/08 World seabird numbers still falling, says a new review

03/02 Loss of Arctic sea ice may lead to mercury deposits: NASA study

03/01 Oceans' acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years


February 2012

02/24 Dead bodies to be burned to heat UK swimming pool

02/21 Spike in rhino poaching threatens survival of species

02/16 National Trust aims for nature generation

02/15 How secure are labs handling world's deadliest pathogens?

02/15 Decision time for researchers of deadly bird flu

02/08 Glaciers: The biggest losers


January 2012

01/31 No big Fukushima health impact seen: U.N. body chairman

01/24 Japan task force kept no records of nuclear crisis response

01/19 Breakthrough in quest to turn seaweed into biofuels

01/17 China report spells out “grim” climate change risks

01/11 Researchers propose putting a price on whales

01/03 First-ever hybrid shark discovered off Australia


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