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December 2011

12/28 City's Haley Park landfill to close Friday; alternative disposal opportunities available

12/27 Re-gift one more item: your Christmas tree

12/21 UK Landscape Architecture students give back to community

12/21 Kentucky receives $47 million to restore abandoned mine lands, fund water projects

12/08 Bertsch named chair of prestigious scientific council

12/07 UK entomologist receives prestigious honor

12/01 Students focus on sustainable research


November 2011

11/04 Forestry students pitch in to help agent in need


September 2011

09/23 Denim for a difference at UK

09/19 UK wins NSF suburban ecology grant

09/14 Power and energy institute receives $1.5M for education in industrial energy efficiency

09/12 UK campus-favorite BBGG returns


August 2011

08/31 Novel alloy could produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight

08/31 New bike repair shop rolls out

08/29 University Press of Kentucky author wins Beard Award

08/21 Capitol visitor center will be green, educational

08/16 Sustainable agriculture education is growing

08/15 UK receives $14.5 million for research in carbon capture technologies

08/15 UK College of Agriculture, KDA create recipe for success

08/08 UK's Davis Marksbury building achieves Gold LEED certification

08/03 New bike lanes in the works for Maxwell, Rose


May 2011

05/26 UK employees and students help clean polluted stream

05/06 State showcases UK energy projects Derby Day


April 2011

04/28 UK scientist works on new oils via USDA grant

04/25 Lecturer links bacteria with biofuel, life


March 2011

03/11 New major's focus is Sustainability Studies


February 2011

02/28 Sustainable commitment extends to graduation

02/11 UK goes green with new printing program

02/10 UK helps to establish university energy clubs


January 2011

01/18 Fayette students help cut district energy costs 

01/04 Water quality, coal jobs at issue in mountains 


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USA U.S. News


December 2011

12/30 USGBC recognizes ten leaders in green education

12/30 U.S. federal court issues injunction against California low carbon fuel standard

12/29 The 10 biggest green building stories of 2011

12/29 Guantamano Bay's green regime has prison limits

12/29 Polluted water did little damage to Chesapeake Bay's grasses, but oysters may not be as lucky

12/28 Ralph Beistline, federal judge, ends BP's probation for Alaska oil spill

12/27 U.S. shale oil boom fought by green groups

12/27 U.S. approves Monsanto drought-tolerant GM corn

12/26 If you care about Keystone and climate change, Occupy Exxon

12/25 Coal extraction poses climate challenge for Obama Administration

12/23 5 New Year's resolutions for green cars

12/22 Environmental issues facing U.S. in 2012 listed by Vermont law school

12/22 NOAA awards research grant to help prevent toxin-induced seafood poisoning in Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

12/22 NOAA seeks comment on draft environmental impact statement on Arctic oil and gas exploration

12/21 Environmental Protection Agency issues new regulation on mercury

12/20 Fingerprinting mercury emissions

12/19 Air pollution levels from Deepwater Horizon spill similar to large urban area


September 2011

09/19 Tax plan to turn old buildings 'green' finds favor

09/18 FBI raids solar firm that got US loans

09/12 For Nascar, going green is good business

09/07 2 more solar companies get US loan backing

09/04 A debate arises on job creation and environment

09/02 Before release, a hydraulic fracturing study for NY draws skepticism

09/02 Obama backtracks on smog plan, bows to big business


August 2011

08/30 Budget cuts trigger early end to solar energy credits

08/26 Electric-car makers' quest: One plug to charge them all

08/26 The plastic sandwich bag flunks

08/24 Geologists sharply cut estimate of shale gas

08/17 Never mind a tiger in your tank: How about an alligator?

08/14 With Post-Its and checklists, schools cut their energy bills

08/11 New rules and old plants may strain summer energy supplies

08/11 EPA bans sale of tree-killing herbicide

08/05 Plain sight sustainability, mass consumer influence


July 2011

07/28 Fracking: EPA targets air pollution from natural gas drilling boom

07/27 Personal responsibility and the fight for clean air

07/27 Clean energy is a political winner

07/26 EPA delays ozone standards, postpones public health protections

07/25 Volleys fly in House debate on EPA and Interior

07/25 A global pinball game: tracking e-waste

07/21 Could the moon provide clean energy for Earth?

07/19 DuPont is sued over new herbicide

07/18 Renewable energy keeps growing: Earth Summit in Rio

07/14 'Green' economy is real but needs a push, study suggests

07/13 Utility shelves ambitious plan to limit carbon

07/12 With tiny cans, a new trash equation

07/12 Fracking water killed trees, study says

07/12 GOP fails to turn off light bulb standards

07/11 Repeal vote set on light bulb standards

07/07 EPA issues tougher rules for power plants

07/06 Food waste + fish poop = lettuce

07/06 US backs project to produce fuel from corn waste


June 2011

06/30 'Fracking' for natural gas reportedly to get NY OK

06/24 'Cars 2' fuels energy debate with green theme

06/22 Overlooking the business case for climate change adaptation

06/20 Justices rebuff states on utilities' gas emissions

06/17 Air Force Academy's solar array will satisfy 11 percent of energy needs

06/09 Another cost of bottled water: environmental injustice and inequity


May 2011

05/28 An unlikely power duo emerges in the global fight against climate change

05/25 A New York debut for textile recycling

05/25 New mileage stickers include greenhouse gas data

05/15 Hydropower's resurgence and the controversy around it

05/12 US Airlines says they are "green" while fighting anti-pollution efforts

05/12 Scientists' report stresses urgency of limiting greenhouse gas emissions

05/11 In a green town, activists see red over Lockheed Martin

05/11 Alcoa says it can build a smog-eating high-rise

05/01 Shell tries to calm fears on drilling in Alaska


April 2011

04/22 Greenpeace: Apple has the dirtiest data

04/21 As consumers cut spending, 'green' products lose allure

04/19 Gas drillers asked to change method of waste disposal

04/19 Solar on the water

04/19 Cape Wind, first US offshore wind farm, building plan approved

04/18 EPA, eco groups at odds in climate change case

04/18 US must dig in on rare earths

04/16 Chemicals were injected into wells, report says

04/15 GOP push in states to deregulate environment

04/15 Costco to sell home solar panel kits

04/13 If flying isn't green, can the airport wait be?

04/12 Clean energy loan program at risk in budget talks

04/12 CA renewable energy: Brown to sign 'most aggressive' mandate in the US

04/11 Studies say natural gas has its own environmental problems

04/11 Why shale fracking is worse than coal for climate

04/08 Oil on dead dolphins linked to BP spill

04/07 Freeway pollution causes brain damage in mice

04/07 Energy is ugly: tar sands make their mark

04/07 A real chance for renewable energy

04/07 GE to build largest solar panel factory in US

04/06 Senate rejects bills to limit EPA's emissions programs

04/05 White House promises veto of anti-EPA bill

04/05 Republicans open inquiry on Yucca Mountain shutdown

04/04 First US climate refugees

04/04 Multitude of species face climate threat

04/04 Employees say show us the green, and the commitment to green

04/02 In New York, e-waste recycling law takes effect


March 2011

03/31 An energy plan derailed by events is being retooled

03/31 EPA ups radiation monitoring

03/30 Obama sets out energy future for less dependency on oil

03/29 U.S. drops to 3rd in clean-energy investment

03/28 Radioactive rainwater recorded in eastern U.S.

03/28 U.S. nuclear sites preparing for the unlikely

03/23 Japan nuclear crisis revives long U.S. fight on spent fuel

03/21 Marines going green to save lives on battlefield

03/21 Nuclear commission launches review of U.S. reactors after Japan crisis

03/17 Palin's successors seek to dismantle her energy legacy

03/17 PA waste service accused of polluting

03/16 E.P.A. proposes new emission standards for power plants

03/16 House panel questions nuclear regulatory and energy chiefs

03/15 Group faults New York on PCB disclosures

03/15 House panel votes to limit E.P.A. Power

03/11 Law on light bulb efficiency angers conservatives

03/10 Ethanol plant switching to butanol

03/10 Clean-coal debate focuses on gasification plant

03/07 EPA steps up scrutiny of pollution in PA rivers

03/01 Wastewater recycling no cure-all in gas process


February 2011

02/03 Obama announces clean energy plan for buildings


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world World News

December 2011

12/30 Brazil cites Chevron third time for oil spill

12/30 Ecuador vows to push Yasuni jungle protection plan

12/30 Top 10 most read news stories of 2011

12/30 Renewable energy recap: Spain

12/30 Renewable energy recap: Tunisia

12/30 Developing world must lead on green economic policy

12/29 Renewable energy pilgrims trek to German town

12/29 Tide of plastic bags that started wave of revulsion

12/29 EU warns wasting environmental resources could spark new recession

12/29 Global hunger for plastic packaging leaves waste solution a long way off

12/29 Corporate monopolies 'may dominate green economy'

12/29 U.S. wind tower manufacturers file trade complaint

12/29 Elephant poaching: 'Record year' for ivory seizures

12/29 In solar power, India begins living up to its own ambitions

12/26 New quantitative method enables researchers to assess environmental risks posed by non-native species

12/25 Taking the pulse of Ngozumpa

12/25 Are climate change reporters an endangered species?

12/23 January on road to Rio: A green city journey

12/23 Fairy shrimps threatened after dry autumn

12/22 Church and charity warn on solar

12/22 DIY solar panel maker heads to Africa for charity

12/22 Disappearing Cerrado: 'Brazil's great untold environmental disaster' - audio slideshow

12/21 Solar subsidy changes could deal 'fatal blow' to industry

12/21 Airlines must pay for carbon emissions on European flights, high court rules

12/20 Insight: How renewable energy may be Edison’s revenge

12/15 NOAA: Global temperatures 12th warmest on record for November

12/11 Cancun Agreement puts 193 nations on track to deal with climate change

12/09 Tokelau plans an all-renewables future

12/08 A green shoot in the economic mire

12/04 Climate research bolsters 'action' call to UN talks


November 2011

11/29 Tokyo motor show: Green cars roll into spotlight (Video, Photos)

11/28 Climate summit opens amid big emitters' stalling tactics

11/28 Climate summit see Canadian strike on Kyoto treaty

11/24 UK calls for new legal climate deal by 2015

11/23 Carbon emissions divide 'can be bridged'

11/21 Climate concerns as 'ozone-friendly' HFCs use grows

11/07 Dirty secrets: What's behind carbon's rise?

11/05 Climate summit set for rows on flying, cash and history

11/04 (Incandescent) lights to go out in China

11/03 Warming gases saw biggest jump on record in 2010

11/02 NYC-sized iceberg being born on Antarctica

11/01 More weather disasters ahead, climate experts report


October 2011

10/25 China 'won't follow US' on carbon emissions

10/20 Companies call for tougher climate action

10/20 Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study

10/10 Rivers of ice: Vanishing glaciers

10/02 Arctic ozone loss at record level


September 2011

09/19 China shuts solar panel factory after antipollution protests

09/15 In diamonds' flaws, clues to earth's carbon cycle

09/01 Apple cited as adding to pollution in China


August 2011

08/19 Japan quake is causing costly shift to fossil fuels

08/18 Study: Wildlife responds fast to climate change

08/15 How much will warming raise seas? Greenland ice is key

08/06 New bicycle 'grown' by British engineers


July 2011

07/28 Huge Arctic fire hints at new climate cue

07/25 India announces environment regulator

07/21 Climate change 'threatens peace', UN official warns

07/18 Study: Changes to ocean expected to damage shellfish around world

07/10 Austrailia proposes carbon trading plan, again

07/05 Global warming lull down to China's coal growth

07/04 Huge rare earth deposits found in Pacific: Japan experts

07/03 Electric cars remain tough sell in China

07/01 Shortages force Japan to impose new energy restrictions


June 2011

06/26 Whale's odyssey sheds light on climate change

06/16 Solar predictions bring heat and light

06/15 China takes a new interest in energy efficiency

06/10 NASA launches satellite for critical mapping mission

06/09 McDonald's will serve sustainable fish across Europe

06/08 US is falling behind in the business of 'green'

06/08 China surpasses US as top energy consumer

06/07 A hybrid power plant takes shape in Turkey

06/06 As America frets over greenbacks, India worries about a green planet

06/04 A warming planet struggles to feed itself

06/02 UK green space worth at least £30 billion a year in health and welfare

06/02 Energy saving Green Deal scheme comes closer

06/01 World Bank to help cities control climate change


May 2011

05/31 Chinese expert: drought is a 'warning signal'

05/30 Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer

05/30 UN investigation into Malaysia rare-earth plant safety

05/30 Global carbon emissions reach record, says IEA

05/29 Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

05/23 A tree hugger, with a twist

05/20 Environmentalists criticize Indonesia's plan to save forests

05/11 Brazil debates easing curbs on developing Amazon forest

05/09 Cimate change 'threatens UK wi-fi connections'

05/08 China leads push to go green

05/06 Climate shifts 'hit global wheat yields'

05/04 Scotland toasts new whisky-powered bioenergy plant

05/04 Ukraine looks to Texas for an energy path

05/02 Supplies squeezed, rare earth prices surge


April 2011

04/27 Service station brings nature to motorists

04/26 World's first zero-carbon city

04/22 Businesses and campaigners attack coalition's environmental record

04/22 Activists occupy oil rig in fight to prevent Arctic drilling

04/18 Mediterranean fish extinction: 40 species could vanish

04/08 As oil supply dwindles, Saudis turn to renewable energy

04/07 South Korea shuts schools over radioactive rain

04/07 Nepal: Cleaning up Everest litter

04/06 Rush to use crops as fuel raises fuel prices and hunger fears

04/05 Huge Arctic 'pool' could flush into Atlantic, alter weather

04/01 Green energy investment seeing strong rise


March 2011

03/30 Israel doubling tax on energy

03/29 China tops global clean energy table

03/27 Green city rises up in Sydney

03/23 German energy company hits headwinds in India

03/22 Koreas agree talks on volcanic risk research

03/22 Kenyans fear Dakatcha Woodlands biofuel expansion

03/21 Europe's rift over energy is widened by France

03/21 Natural gas now viewed as safer bet

03/21 Campaign to fight air pollution in Hong Kong gets visual

03/21 Ofgem to tackle 'complex and unfair energy bills'

03/19 Quake in Japan broke a link in global supply chain

03/18 Hygienic sharks go to cleaner stations

03/17 European emissions trading: the cap that does not fit

03/15 Climate scientists battle brutal Arctic

03/15 Japan radioactivity could enter food chain

03/15 Germany shuts 7 plants as Europe plans safety tests

03/15 Conservation projects to lose gravel tax funding

03/15 In fuel-cooling pools, a danger for the longer term

03/15 Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits eastern Japan

03/14 Feed-in tariff U-turn dashes solar hopes for small businesses

03/13 A Solar and Wind Revolution from a Land of Oil

03/11 Green investment bank 'must operate commercially'

03/10 Ancient treasures threatened by climate change

03/09 Heat damages Columbian coffee, raising prices

03/02 Regional authorities resist Spain's effort to save fuel


February 2011

02/24 Putin questions Europe's foreign and energy policies

02/16 China tightens control over rare earths production


January 2011

01/17 Introducing the world's first truly biodegradable water bottle

01/07 Germans Fear Dioxin Has Contaminated Small Farms

01/06 2 Environment Rules Halted in New Mexico

01/03 China boasts breakthrough in nuclear technology


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